Ayscue Professionalism Award



The Mecklenburg Bar Foundation is accepting nominations for the 2020-21 Ayscue Professionalism Award. Entries should include a letter of nomination as well as the nominee's bio and/or resume. Nominations are due on or before Wednesday, October 21, 2020, to AyscueAward@meckbar.org. The award will be presented at this year's virtual Law & Society Luncheon.

The Mecklenburg Bar Foundation's Ayscue Professionalism Award is presented each year to a present or former member(s) of the Mecklenburg County Bar. The award may be given to more than one Bar member in a year for outstanding work done together on a specific project or if the work they do is inextricably linked. Its purpose is to recognize exemplary professionalism, as broadly defined.

Criteria may include one or more of the following:

  • Outstanding service through or on behalf of the Mecklenburg County Bar or the Mecklenburg Bar Foundation for the benefit of the legal community or the community at large.
  • Substantial and significant service to the community, to the Bar, or to the justice system, whether on the basis of lifetime contributions or a specific project.
  • Embodiment of the traits to which all attorneys should aspire: high ethical standards, model conduct, unquestioned integrity, and consistent competence.


Ayscue Professionalism Award Winners

E. Osborne Ayscue Jr. - 2004

Julius L. Chambers - 2005

Russell M. Robinson, II - 2006

Joseph W. Grier Jr. - 2008

Chief Justice Sarah Parker - 2009

Ray S. Farris - 2010

Peter S. Gilchrist III - 2011

Ted Fillette & Ken Schorr - 2012

Mark R. Bernstein - 2013

Robert C. "Bob" Sink - 2014

George V. Hanna III - 2015

A. Ward McKeithen - 2016

James E. Ferguson II - 2017 

Edward G. Connette - 2018

Pender R. McElroy - 2019

Jonathan E. Buchan, Jr. - 2020