Attorney-Client Assistance program

If you are having a minor problem with your lawyer and don't want to file a complaint, the State Bar's Attorney-Client Assistance Program may be able to help. Call 919/828-4620 or e-mail Please include your name and telephone number in the e-mail.

Fee Disputes

The North Carolina State Bar (NCSB) is now processing all petitions for the resolution of disputed fees involving members of the 26th Judicial District Bar.  Please see below for the petition form and direct any questions to the North Carolina State Bar’s Attorney-Client Assistance Program at 919/828-4620 or visit Alternatives to Filing a Grievance on


Petition for Resolution of Disputed Fee




The Grievance Committee investigates complaints of professional misconduct pursuant to 27 N.C.A.C. 01B .0200 and the North Carolina State Bar Rules of Professional Conduct. Should you have a complaint against an attorney, please see below for the grievance form and information about the process.

Form to File a Grievance (submit completed form, description and supporting documentation to the MCB Grievance Committee Attn: Shannon R. Reid, Associate Executive Director at 

Grievance Committee Procedure


For More Information

If you have any questions or concerns about either process, please contact Shannon R. Reid, Associate Executive Director, at 704-375-8624 or