MCB Statement on Diversity

Approved by the MCB Special Committee on Diversity on 10/17/11
Approved by the MCB Board of Directors on 11/17/11 

 The Mecklenburg County Bar (MCB) seeks to eliminate biases, barriers and prejudices within the legal profession by creating and promoting environments that treat all individuals with respect and dignity. Diversity is an inclusive concept and encompasses, without limitation, race, color, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion, nationality, age, disability, and marital and parental status. We acknowledge that the varied perspectives and backgrounds of our members are central to the MCB's success as an organization and are valuable to the public we serve.  The MCB encourages all of its members to volunteer and seek leadership opportunities within the Bar so that our organization reflects the full diversity of our community.


Promoting Diversity throughout our Legal Community

The Mecklenburg County Bar (MCB) recognizes that to better address the societal and individual needs of our community it must continue to develop a legal profession that adequately represents the diversity of our local population. In order to achieve this representation the MCB ensures that diversity is an intrinsic element in all it does. Our diversity efforts are applied to three overarching areas of the Bar:

  • Diversity and Inclusion commitments through our Diversity & Inclusion Committee;
  • Diversity in legal education, leadership, and professionalism;
  • and Diversity as it relates to satisfaction in the legal profession.

The Diversity & Inclusion Commitment

Started in 2004 by the Law Firm and Legal Department Subcommittee of the Special Committee on Diversity, a Diversity Initiative began to significantly increase the number of minority attorneys within Mecklenburg County. The Diversity Initiative encouraged general counsels and managing partners of Mecklenburg County to commit to increasing diversity within their respective corporations and firms.

Participating firms and corporations in the program, also known as Signatories, have voluntarily signed our Call to Action - an outlined set of objectives and goals to which each Signatory devotes time and resources. In signing this Call to Action signatories commit to recruit, hire, train and retain minority law students and/or attorneys who meet their requisite hiring and/or partnership criteria.

 Additionally, Signatories will:

  • establish effective mentoring and leadership training programs;
  • promote, foster, and enhance diversity efforts among managing structures; 
  • encourage participation in sensitivity and diversity training; 
  • and solicit applications from minority candidates through marketing pieces reflecting their commitment to diversity.

 Diversity & Inclusion Committee Statement of Purpose
Board Approved 4-4-18


The MCB's achievements are possible because of the dedication of our members and community partnerships. We value the opportunity to collaborate with various individuals and entities throughout the Charlotte-Mecklenburg region and hope you will join us as we continue to expand our efforts.



  • Pathways to Inclusion In the Law Conference - This annual one-day conference engages minority students in a discussion about the legal profession and law-related careers. Students heard about the role individuals with legal training play in everyday society; met with attorneys, judges, law school admissions officers, and law students; and had an opportunity to share their views of the law and lawyers.  
  • Lunch with a Lawyer  - Lunch with a Lawyer is a mentoring program targeting rising eighth grade students. Volunteer attorney mentors meet on a monthly basis with their assigned mentee for lunch. Through this established relationship students gain a better understanding of the role attorneys play in everyday life and a positive role model.
  • Charlotte Legal Diversity Clerkship - This is a highly competitive summer program for first-year law students who advance the value of diversity.



 The Diversity & Inclusion Committee formerly known as the Special Commitee on Diversity