MBF Board of Directors

Executive Committee 2020-21

Mark W. Kinghorn


Michael L. Martinez
Incoming President

W. Robinson Heroy


Thomas E. Powers
Chair, Finance and Investment Committee


Deborah L. Dilman
Chair, Grant Review Committee


Michael C. Harman
Chair, Development Committee




Lori R. Keeton
Past President
Chair, Nominating Committee

Board of Directors 2020-21

Class of 2021
James R. Cass
Deborah L. Dilman*
Marc S. Gentile
Michael C. Harman
Maria Ortiz
Mandy E. Schuller**

Class of 2022
Matthew S. DeAntonio
William H. Elam
James H. Henderson
Caroline T. Mitchell
P. Barrett Morris

Class of 2023
Austin Backus
Sarah F. Hutchins
Sonya Pfeiffer
Lawrence Shaheen
Nathan Viebrock

Ex Officio
Leah Campbell, Executive Director


* 2nd Term
** Serving a vacancy

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