Meet the Bar & Foundation Staff


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Nancy M. Roberson

Nancy M. Roberson
Executive Director
704/375-8624 ext.111


Lisa Armanini

Lisa Armanini
Director of Continuing Legal Education  704/375-8624 ext.112

Leah Campbell

Leah Campbell
Assistant Executive Director / Director of Communications & Events
704/375-8624 ext.108

Chastity Gamble-Julg
Events & Sponsorship Coordinator
704/375-8624 ext.124

Katie Guenther
Communications & Social Media Coordinator
 704/375-8624 ext.100

Sydney Hammond
Foundation Development Coordinator
 704/375-8624 ext.114

Greg Hicks
Director of Support Services
 704/375-8624 ext.103

Lauren Johns
 Legal Services Coordinator
 704/375-8624 ext. 115

Sonja S. Lucas
Continuing Legal Education / Finance Assistant  Coordinator  704/375-8624

Afton Ojuri
Continuing Legal Education Assistant Director
 704/375-8624 ext. 123

Shannon Rae Reid
 Director of Compliance & Ethics
 704/375-8624 ext.126

Sally Robinson

Sally Robinson
Director of Finance and Human Resources 704/375-8624 ext.109

Carmen Thomas
Membership Inclusion &  Diversity Director
  704/375-8624 ext.127

Les Tolentino
Information Technology Coordinator
704/375-8624 ext. 104

Jill Wiggins

Jill Wiggins
Member Records & Payments Coordinator
704/375-8624 ext.107