Criminal Justice Section


Recognizes and addresses issues affecting all participants in the criminal justice system through educational programs on criminal procedure, divergent ethical obligations, and heavy caseloads that include both domestic and civil cases.





2019-2020 Chair 2019-2020
Charles L. Morgan Jr.
Jefferson A. Moors

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2017-18 Criminal Justice Section Report
Paulina N. Havelka, Chair and Brandon R. Roseman, Vice Chair

In the 2017-18 fiscal year, the Criminal Justice Section worked to build the Section membership and ensure members stayed up-to-date on relevant information and changes with regular section-wide communication. The year started off with two successful CLE programs, “Views from the Criminal Court Bench” and “District Court Trial Skills with the All-Stars.” The Section then held an Annual Meeting in April to further develop section goals and planning.  The year wrapped up with a Section-hosted donation drive and legal clinic for The Relatives in June.

The Section also sponsored the annual MCB Holiday Party.

Section leaders look forward to the upcoming year, including social opportunities and increased CLE programming.  Any ideas or suggestions for future events or CLEs may be submitted to .



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