Corporate Counsel Section


Hosts seminars, roundtable meetings and programs focused on problems of common interest, including corporation and antitrust law, attorney-client privilege, governmental regulation, law department administration and relations with outside counsel.

Membership is limited to MCB members employed full-time or part-time exclusively for a corporation, business association, partnership or governmental entity, and who are not employed by or associated with a private law firm.



2019-2020 Chair 2019-2020 Vice Chair
Andrew M. Walsh 
Karen A. Kaplan 




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 2017-18 Corporate Counsel Section Report
Keith L. Thornton, Chair and Michael J. Hoes, Vice Chair

In the 2017-18 fiscal year, the Corporate Counsel Section worked to build the Section membership and ensure members stayed up-to-date on relevant information. The Section hosted a meeting on February 26, 2018, offering new and potential section members an opportunity for networking, to get to know other practitioners and to set section goals for the section. This year provided opportunities for evaluation and consideration of the purpose of the section, and to prepare for the upcoming year.

The section also sponsored the annual MCB Holiday Party.

In the 2018-19 fiscal year, Section leadership will work with the MCB to host new networking opportunities, increase communication with members and host relevant CLEs.

Any ideas or suggestions for future events or CLEs may be submitted to


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