MBF Board of Directors

Executive Committee 2019-20

Lori R. Keeton


Mark W. Kinghorn
Incoming President

Michael L. Martinez


W. Robinson Heroy
Chair, Finance and Investment Committee


Deborah L. Dilman
Co-Chair, Development & Grant Review Committee


Lakai C. Vinson
Co-Chair, Development &
Grant Review Committee




Spencer B.
Merriweather III
Past President
Chair, Nominating Committee

Board of Directors 2019-20

Class of 2020
Hon. Tracy H. Hewett**
Sarah F. Hutchins
Pender R. McElroy*
Sonya Pfeiffer
Claire J. Samuels
Lakai C. Vinson

Class of 2021
James R. Cass
Deborah L. Dilman*
Marc S. Gentile
Maria Ortiz
Mandy E. Schuller**

Class of 2022
Matthew S. DeAntonio
William H. Elam
James H. Henderson
Caroline T. Mitchell
P. Barrett Morris
Thomas E. Powers

Ex Officio
Leah Campbell, Executive Director


* 2nd Term
** Serving a vacancy

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