(for applicants)

1.         Please complete the Grant Request Application in its entirety and insure the Application is signed. If necessary, use additional sheets to answer any question. Submit the original Application form and a cover letter to the: Mecklenburg Bar Foundation, 2850 Zebulon Avenue, Charlotte, North Carolina 28208. Also, e-mail a copy to

2.         The Mecklenburg Bar Foundation (MBF) will consider grant requests once annually. All grant requests should be received no later than June 30. Grants will be reviewed for approval during the first quarter of the following year. (Please note that if you have previously received funding through an MBF grant, you must complete a final report/evaluation prior to being considered for another grant.) 

3.         Grant recipients are required to sign a Letter of Agreement with all specific conditions identified prior to receiving a grant award. The conditions include maintaining complete and current financial records pertaining to the use of the grant funding. The MBF reserves the right to request accounting of these expenditures. Recipients will be required to follow the conditions of the Grant Agreement or be subject to withdrawal of funding or reimbursement of grant money.

4.         Historically, grants awarded for a project from the Foundation are for one year and do not exceed $20,000 on an annual or program/project basis.

5.         Upon receipt, Applications will be reviewed for completeness by the MBF staff and the applicant will receive notification of any missing information. Applications received will be considered based on MBF Board procedures.

6.         If Applicant has audited financial statements, please attach a copy for the year preceding the date of the Application.

7.         If Applicant has brochures, flyers, pamphlets, etc., which it uses in its work, please attach copies to the completed Application.

8.         If Applicant is a 501(c)(3) organization, please attach a copy of its IRS 501(c)(3) Letter of Determination to the completed Application. If Applicant receives 501(c)(3) status subsequent to the date of the Application, please forward a copy of the Letter of Determination to the address set forth in paragraph 1 above after that Letter is received.

9.         If Applicant has filed IRS Form 990, Return of Organization Exempt from Income Tax, please attach a copy for the year preceding the date of the Application.

10.       If you have questions regarding the Application, please contact

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Updated February 7, 2017