Become a Lawyer Referral Service (LRS) Attorney Panel Member

The purpose of the Mecklenburg County Bar Lawyer Referral Service (LRS) is to identify the most appropriate resource(s) for people with legal needs and when applicable, provide those who can afford to pay an established reasonable fee to a referred lawyer who shall provide a consultation.

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Benefits of Joining

  • You will help serve the thousands of people who call us each year seeking legal advice and representation on novel and interesting legal issues.
  • You will receive referrals that are carefully screened by our referral specialists.
  • You will grow your business and expand your client base by tapping into a new source of potential clients.
  • You receive $25 for each paid referral, so after 6 paid referrals, membership has paid for itself.


Things to Consider Before Applying

  • You must have a professional liability insurance policy in the amount specified in the LRS Guidelines.
  • You must be licensed to practice law in North Carolina.
  • You must be a member of and in good standing with the North Carolina State Bar and the Mecklenburg County Bar.
  • You must practice and maintain an office in the Charlotte metropolitan area.
  • For continued membership, you must renew your LRS Panel Membership annually.

Cost of Membership 

  • The LRS Panel membership fee is an annual payment of $150.
  • The $150 covers the membership and referrals for two Subject Areas and the Subsections of those Subject Areas.
  • Each additional Subject Area is an additional $50.

How to Become a Panel Member 

  1. Read the LRS Guidelines. Notice & Disclaimer: The LRS Committee is currently considering changes to the Commissions, Reporting Requirements and Fee Structure. Should any changes recommended by the LRS Committee to the MCB Board of Directors be approved by the MCB Board of Directors, said changes shall take effect subject to the MCB Board of Directors approval.
  2. Complete the LRS Panel Member Application.
  3. Return the Application in the following ways:

Electronically to:
By Fax to: 704/333-6209
By Mail to: MCB Lawyer Referral Service 2850 Zebulon Avenue Charlotte, NC 28208

  1. Pay the $150 Panel Membership Fee by mailing check to the MCB Lawyer Referral Service with your application, or, upon receipt of your application, we will email you an invoice that you may pay online. 

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