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"As a law firm owner, I constantly monitor my marketing efforts to ensure the money we spend creates sufficient return on investment. Since joining the MCB LRS in 2015, we receive multiple client referrals per month who are ready to hire - meaning it virtually pays for itself. The new online system allows me to customize the specific types of case referrals I want to receive, which means we only receive the calls we really want. The MCB LRS has consistently been one of the best uses of marketing money for my firm!"  -Molly Anthony, Southpark Family Law

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The Mecklenburg County Bar Lawyer Referral Service (LRS) refers those who can afford to pay for legal services to a North Carolina licensed and insured lawyer. Originally established in 1957, the LRS Committee revamped the program in 2019 as a platform that brings together the traditional phone-based service with an online service. Additionally, the revamped program no longer collects fees from clients upfront or commission payments from attorneys on the back end. Participating lawyers are also able to manage their own profiles and track their referrals in one convenient portal. 

Benefits of Joining

Your practice is marketed day and night through our robust online portal. Online tools allow you to personalize your profile, including your consultation fees and/or rates. Plus, with more than 80 practice areas to choose from, the system allows you to customize your profile to highlight all  of your areas of expertise to potential clients.


Whether seeking an online or phone referral, potential clients are guided through an artificial intelligence (AI)-based system that closely matched the referral based on their unique legal needs. Those who cannot afford a lawyer will be directed to other resources offering pro bono legal services.

Things to Consider Before Applying

  • You must have a professional liability insurance policy in the amount specified in the LRS Guidelines.
  • You must be licensed to practice law in North Carolina.
  • You must be a member of and in good standing with the North Carolina State Bar and the Mecklenburg County Bar.

Cost of Membership 

​Through the fall of 2019, the revamped program will be in a pilot phase. During that time, there will be no cost to participate in the program. Thereafter, it is anticipated that attorneys wishing to continue their membership will billed monthly at a rate to be determined by the LRS Committee and the MCB Board of Directors.  Throughout the pilot phase, participating attorneys will be asked to provide feedback about their experience to help the LRS Committee and staff optimize user experience and the value proposition to MCB members.

At the conclusion of the trial period, participating lawyers will receive information on the final pricing structure, as well as a copy of the revised LRS guidelines. This information will also be marketed Bar-wide with an invitation for interested members to join the program.

How to Become a Panel Member 

  1. Read the LRS Guidelines
  2. Contact Lauren Johns, Legal Service Coordinator, at or 704/375-8624x115

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