2850 Zebulon Ave. 
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Facility Use Policy
Approved by the MCB Board of Directors March 23, 2018
The Mecklenburg County Bar (“MCB”) receives numerous requests to use the Mecklenburg County Bar & Foundation Center (“Facility”) for meetings, mediations, depositions, receptions and other social gatherings. The MCB Board of Directors created the Facility Use & Maintenance Committee (“Committee”), in part, to create a Facility Use Policy to provide guidance for the safe and appropriate use of the Facility by the MCB and others in a manner consistent with the MCB’s stated goals and objectives. The Facility Use Policy is to set forth the basis on which certain common areas, conference, educational or event rooms of the Facility will be made available for use by members of the MCB and others. The Executive Director or designee with needed input from the Committee may consider exceptions to this policy.

1. Permitted Uses and Priority. The Facility is available for the following uses according tothe prioritized order set forth below:

(a) MCB Sponsored Uses: Any use sponsored by and/or for members of the MCBconsistent with the goals and objectives of the MCB’s Mission Statement, Bylaws andpolicies including, but not limited to MCB-sponsored Continuing Legal Education; MCBsection or committee meetings, receptions, related programs; MCB pro bono relatedactivities; fee arbitration hearings; and MCB social gatherings such as the annual Holiday Party.

(b) MCB Member Professional Use: Any use of the Facility by members of the MCB forpurposes related to their practice of law, including but not limited to client conferences,depositions, arbitrations and mediations.

(c) MCB Related Uses: Any use related to and which promotes and enhances the missionand goals of the MCB, but is not expressly sponsored by the MCB. These related usesinclude but are not limited to use by Affinity Bars, government organizations, and lawschools. Organizations and individuals that wish to use the Facility under thisqualification must first be confirmed as qualifying under this category by the Committee,Executive Director, or designee.

(d) Other Uses: Any use for purposes not related to the MCB mission and/or goals ispermitted only at the discretion of the Committee, Executive Director, or designee.
2. Reservations and Scheduling. Requests to use the Facility shall be made in writing usingthe attached Space Use Interest Form. Requests received otherwise may be considered at thediscretion of the Executive Director or designee. The attached (i) Space Use Interest Formand (ii) Terms and Conditions will be provided to anyone requesting the use of the Facility.The information to be provided will include, but not limited to, a statement of the intendeduse of the Facility, the date and hours the Facility is needed, an estimate of the number ofindividuals expected to attend and any additional information deemed necessary. Failure tocomplete the form in its entirety may result in forfeiture of reservation.

The Executive Director or designee has the authority to negotiate the terms of the use of the Facility with the individual or group wishing to use the Facility. The terms of use shall include appropriate indemnification clauses, the financial terms of the usage, the payment of a deposit, arrangements for security and any other conditions appropriate for the intended use of the Facility. Liability insurance may be required.
Reservations will be made on a first-come, first-serve basis, subject to the prioritized order in paragraphs 1(a) – 1(d). The Executive Director or designee has the discretion to decline to schedule or cancel, without penalty, any event which might compromise or otherwise conflict with either the goals and objectives of the MCB or the permitted uses set forth above. A MCB staff member must be present at after-hour events. Reservations will not be possible if MCB staff is not available.
3. Other Conditions of Use (also subject to the Terms and Conditions). Individuals attending events at the Facility will be restricted to utilizing the space reserved for a given event. Those using the Facility are required to end their use of the Facility at the hour stated in the Space Use Agreement. Failure to vacate the Facility at the stated time will result in an additional fee and may prohibit future use of the Facility.
Those using the Facility shall leave the Facility in the condition in which it was found. Any expense for cleaning and/or repair above the base charges will be the responsibility of the individual and/or group who used the Facility. Failure or refusal to pay these expenses will prohibit future use of the Facility.

The Executive Director has the discretion to require that personnel be hired for security and/or traffic control for events. These costs will be paid by the individual or group making the reservation for the event.

The MCB does not hold a liquor license. In any event where alcohol is served, the contracted caterer will hold the liquor license and shall be responsible for the serving of all alcoholic beverages. The contracted caterer must also provide a certificate of insurance naming the MCB and the Mecklenburg Bar Foundation (“MBF”) as additional insureds, which indicates coverage for comprehensive general liability, with liquor liability endorsement, with minimum limits of One Million Dollars ($1,000,000).
4. Fees. No rental or use fee shall be charged for permitted uses during regular Facility hours as outlined in in paragraphs 1(a) – 1(b) above. A rental or use fee shall be charged for permitted uses during regular Facility hours as outlined in paragraphs 1(c) – (d). At the discretion of the Committee, Executive Director, or designee a refundable deposit or cancellation fee may be required.

No rental or use fee shall be charged for after-hours use of the Facility for MCB-sponsored uses and other MCB uses as defined in paragraph 1(a) above. A property damage or cleaning fee may be charged.

Additional fees may be charged to cover the expense of necessary personnel, property damage, and/or cleanup.

All others using the Facility shall pay the full fees according to the terms of the attached Space Use Agreement.
5. Anti-discrimination Policy.  The Facility is available for use as stated herein without regard to or consideration of age, race, sex, disability, religion, sexual orientation, family status, or national origin.

Mecklenburg County Bar and Foundation Center

Reservation Cancellation/Refund Policy
The following provisions apply to any use of the Facility for which there is a charge or fee:
a. Cancellations made less than one week in advance of the confirmed event will not receive a refund.
b. Cancellations made less than two weeks but more than one week in advance of the confirmed event will incur a $50 processing fee.
c. Cancellations made more than two weeks in advance of the confirmed event will incur a $25 processing fee.
If a reserving party cancels usage for which there is no fee charged with less than 1 week notice on a recurring basis, then MCB reserves the right to reduce the number of future reservations allowed or refuse future reservations.