Professionalism, Lawyer Life and Culture Committee


The Professionalism, Lawyer Life and Culture Committee seeks to enhance and support the Mecklenburg County legal community, through the active development and promotion of educational programs, resources and mentoring relationships in order to facilitate healthy, collaborative, rewarding and service oriented professional lives and culture among its members.




2020-21 Chair 2020-21 Vice-Chair
Alexandria "Lexi" Andresen
Joshua Lee


Class of 2021 Class of 2022 Class of 2023
Andrew W. Lax
Rachel C. Matesic
Kristen L. Schneider
Bridget M. Vanevenhoven
Denise Bessellieu
Lindsay Goldsmith
Luke Graham Thomas
Hon. Michael Stading
Austin Grabowski
Thomas E. Powers, III
Akya Rice
Haley White
Jennifer Fleet



Staff Liaison

Angelica Gumucio, Diversity & Inclusion Coordinator -



Volunteer Need / Commitment

Members of the Professionalism, Lawyer Life and Culture Committee (PLLC) attend monthly committee meetings, develop CLE programs focused on the health and well-being of attorneys, oversee the Linking Lawyers program and work to provide useful resources for the legal community that will promote a healthy work/life balance.



Committee Documents/Links

 Linking Lawyers: A Mentoring Initiative


2017-18 Professionalism, Lawyer Life, Culture Committee Report
Matthew S. DeAntonio, Chair and Abbey Mrkus Krysak, Vice-Chair

The Professionalism, Lawyer Life & Culture Committee organizes and operates the MCB’s “Linking Lawyers” mentoring program. In addition to matching up mentors and mentees based on applicants’ preferences, the Committee provides year-round programming (e.g., networking events, courthouse tours, social gatherings) and monthly discussion topics for mentorship pairs. 

In 2017-18, the Committee provided nearly 30 mentor-mentee matches, held three events for mentors, mentees and Bar leaders, and provided the mentors and mentees recommended discussion topics and events. 

To learn more about getting involved with the Linking Lawyers program, please click here.