grievance Committee



Receives and investigates complaints from the public on ethical matters and writes recommendations and submits written report for committee discussion based on the North Carolina State Bar (NCSB) Rules of Professional Conduct. Attorney members must have been licensed for at least five years.




2019-20 Chair
Ryan D. Bolick
Class of 2019 Class of 2020 Class of 2021 Class of 2022 Public Members
David R. DiMatteo
Charlena A. Harvell
Leah Kane
Miranda Mills
Christian L. Perrin

Laura G. Barringer
Amy Howard
David L. Levy
Lou Waple
Melissa Woods

Suzanne K. Canali
Deborah Dilman
Angelina M. Maletto
Ted F. Mitchell
Hon. Calvin Murphy
Evan M. Sauda


Scott Addison
Chad Crockford

Will Medlin
Mark Michael
Erin Taylor





Staff Liaison
Shannon R. Reid, Director of Compliance, Ethics & HR -



 Volunteer Need / Commitment

The Grievance Committee meetings are held on the third Wednesday every month at 7:30 a.m. On average, members are assigned to investigate two to four ethics complaints each year.  When an investigation is complete, the committee member presents his/her written report to the full committee.  The report includes factual findings and analyses of the applicable Rules of Professional Conduct.  The committee then votes on whether to recommend a finding of probable cause to the North Carolina State Bar (NCSB).  All meetings, materials, and discussions are strictly confidential.  Several seats on the committee are open to non-attorney members.  Attorney members must have been licensed for at least five years.


2018-19 Grievance Committee Report
Ryan D. Bolick, Chair

The Grievance Committee investigates complaints against Mecklenburg County Bar members and reports its findings and recommendations to the North Carolina State Bar (NCSB).  From July 1, 2018, through June 30, 2019, 30 new files were opened and 21 were closed.  The Committee recommended a finding of probable cause as to a violation of one or more of the Rules of Professional Conduct in 4 of the closed files.  The areas of criminal and domestic law consistently generate the most complaints.  Regardless of the type of law involved, most complaints alleged violations of Rule 1.4, Communication, and Rule 1.3, Diligence.

Committee Procedure: The Committee’s recommendations are reviewed de novo by the NCSB, and the Committee has no role in any discipline that might be imposed.  Grievances may be filed locally or with the NCSB. The Committee is generally comprised of 16 lawyers and 3 non-lawyers, and all members have three-year term limits.  Lawyer members handle the investigations.  Any failure to respond to a grievance or cooperate with an investigation is itself a violation of Rule 8.1 of the Rules of Professional Conduct.  The Committee as a whole votes upon the findings and recommendations.  All proceedings are confidential. 

Any lawyer with a question about the process or a particular issue should feel free to contact the Chair, any member of the Committee, or MCB Director of Compliance, Ethics & HR Shannon R. Reid.