How the Lawyer Referral Service (LRS) Works

Clients who call the LRS start by briefly discussing their legal needs with a referral specialist.  The specialist then determines whether there is an attorney within the LRS that may be capable of helping the client with his or her legal needs.  If there is an attorney within the LRS, the referral specialist then gives a referral for that attorney for a $50 fee.  This fee covers the referral and an up-to-30 minute consultation with the attorney.  

It is then the client's responsibility to call the attorney to set up the 30 minute consultation.  Once the consultation is completed, the client and attorney then determine whether or not they would like to create an attorney-client relationship


LRS Purpose
The purpose of the Mecklenburg County Bar of the 26th Judicial District (MCB) Lawyer Referral Service (LRS) is to identify the most appropriate resource(s) for people with legal needs (Clients) and when applicable, provide those who can afford to pay an established reasonable fee to a referred lawyer who shall provide a consultation.


LRS Lawyers​
LRS lawyers practice in a large variety of practice areas including: Family Law, Criminal Law, Estates & Trusts, Business Law, Civil Litigation, Individual Rights, Employment Law, and Property Law.  The lawyers are assigned on a rotating basis within each practice area; gender, race, and ethnicity are not taken into account when assigning lawyers.  The LRS does not have information on the lawyers past case outcomes.  Each LRS Panel Member Lawyer must meet the following qualifications:
  • Licensed to practice law in North Carolina
  • In good standing with the North Carolina State Bar
  • Carries sufficient malpractice insurance


Why Use
the LRS?
  1. Friendly and trained staff who listen and understand legal needs                        
  2. Objective experience standards required and verified for participating attorneys  
  3. Your call is confidential 
  4. We can recommend other legal resources that might be helpful 
  5. We are live and able to assist you from the moment you call
  6. Malpractice insurance required and verified for participating attorneys
  7. All attorneys must be in good standing with the North Carolina State Bar 
  8. Ongoing reviews of attorney performance
  9. Approved by the American Bar Association