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Select Committee Report - 2014 Chicago Midyear Meeting

The Select Committee Report is prepared to aid House members in informing their constituencies about actions of the House and other highlights of the 2014 Chicago Midyear Meeting.  We thank Stephen J. Curley, the Select Committee Reporter, and the Policy Staff for their work in bringing this report to you.

The report is comprehensive and identifies for your constituency the scope and diversity of matters dealt with by the House. You will note that links have been provided to speeches of the Officers, the Naturalization Ceremony and remarks by The Honorable Michael G. Heavican, President of the Conference of Chief Justices. Links also have been provided to the final adopted language of Resolutions and the full text of the Reports, as well as those resolutions which engendered debate in the House.

You may choose to use a link to this document from the House of Delegates website either as your report or as a guide for a report you prepare yourself. In any event, the Select Committee hopes that delegates will report to their constituencies in order to provide them with a more complete understanding of the variety of matters that come before the House for its consideration. If more than one delegate represents an organization, you may consider reporting jointly or designating one delegate to report on behalf of the delegation.

The Select Committee welcomes any suggestions you may have which would improve the report. If you have any comments or suggestions, please direct them to Rochelle E. Evans.
Respectfully submitted,

Palmer Gene Vance II , Chair
Christel E. Marquardt, Vice Chair
Stephen J. Curley, Reporter
Aurora Austriaco
Hon. Bernice B. Donald
Charles Eppolito III
Marilyn J. Harbur
Jaime Hawk
Shelia Slocum Hollis
Loren Kieve
Amie C. Martinez
Randolph J. May
Hon. Leslie Miller
Frank X. Neuner
James P. Nolan
Robert D. Oster
Michael Perez
Gregory L. Ulrich
Karol Corbin Walker