Community Services Committee



2018-19 Chair 2018-19 Vice-Chair
Courtney L. Ballard

Kerry B. Everett



Class of 2019 Class of 2020 Class of 2021
Robert K. Corbett
Michael R. Haigler
LaVenettra W. Reaves
Diana Coada
Soree Finley
Jolee M. Wortham
Ticora E. Davis
Taylor Goodnight
J. Rex Marvel


The MCB Community Services Committee would like to recognize the organizations and many volunteers who participated in MCB community service projects in 2017-18. 
Special thanks to:

  • The Criminal Justice Section for its partnership with The Relatives and the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department;
  • The YLD for its ongoing partnership with the Habitat for Humanity;
  • The YLD for its ongoing partnership with Thompson Child & Family Focus; and
  • The YLD for its recent partnership with the Mecklenburg County Domestic Violence Shelter.

The Community Services Committee seeks to improve and prioritize the Bar’s volunteer outreach opportunities and to collaborate with the community on legal issues, the legal system, and school and community needs. If you would like to learn more about planning an MCB community service project, please contact Lauren Johns at

All proposed Community Service Activities to be undertaken by a member or Section of the Mecklenburg County Bar (“MCB”), acting as a representative of the MCB, must be approved in advance by the Community Service Committee (the “Committee”) of the Lawyer as Volunteers Advisory Panel. All community service activities that contain a fundraising component must also be coordinated with the Mecklenburg Bar Foundation.  To submit a Request for Approval, please complete the Community Service Activity-Request for Approval Form and return it to Lauren Johns at


Staff Liaison

Lauren Johns, Legal Services Coordinator -

Volunteer Need / Commitment

Members of the Community Services Committee attend quarterly committee meetings, review community service and volunteer project ideas, and look for additional opportunities to collaborate with the community. Interested in joining this committee? The application for this year's committee volunteers is now available and must be completed by May 31, 2019. Click here to complete the committee interest form.

2017-18 Community Services Committee Report
Denise L. Bessellieu, Chair & Courtney L. Ballard, Vice-Chair

The Community Service Committee continues its work to help enhance the MCB’s volunteer outreach in the community by reviewing and approving projects that are both service-based and linked with a legal resource for those served by the service project. 

2017-18 Highlights:

  • The Committee reviewed/approved four projects: 1) Young Lawyers Division (YLD) Habitat for Humanity Project, 2) YLD Mecklenburg County Domestic Violence Shelter Project, 3) YLD Thompson Child & Family Focus Project, and 4) Criminal Law Section Know Your Rights Project with the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department. 
  • The Committee instituted a new approval process, which allows previously approved and recurring projects to be automatically approved for up to two years.
  • The Committee instituted a new after-action project reporting process to capture metrics on the number of attorneys who volunteered on approved projects; the Committee expresses its appreciation to the thirty (30) Mecklenburg County Bar attorney-volunteers who worked on the approved projects and were crucial to the success of each project.
  • The Committee approved a new committee motto: Making an effort to make a difference.
  • The Committee continues to partner with the Mecklenburg Bar Foundation (MBF) by working to secure volunteer assistance for MBF grant recipients when requested.