MCB Volunteer Spotlight

L. Max Diaz


L. Max Diaz, of the Mecklenburg County District Attorney's Office, has been a volunteer attorney with the Diversity & Inclusion Committee since 2009. The Committee examines the extent to which the MCB and the various private law practices, corporate law departments, governmental agencies and judicial bodies that make up the Mecklenburg County legal community have successfully incorporated lawyers from traditionally underrepresented groups in their organizations.  The Committee focuses both internally and externally - on the MCB itself (including its various committees and sections) and on its various constituent groups.


The Honorable Albert Diaz, of the United States Court of Appeals Fourth Circuit shared, "Although Max would be the last person to seek the spotlight, he has made substantial contributions to the work of the Bar." From serving on the MCB Board to taking the lead in establishing the Hispanic Latino Lawyers Bar and serving as its first President, Max's impact has been significant and lasting.


Aretha Blake of the Charlotte School of Law said, "I've served with Max for several years on the MCB's Diversity & Inclusion Committee. Max is committed to advancing diversity within the Bar and worked tirelessly to help establish the Mecklenburg County Hispanic Latino Lawyers Bar, an affinity bar. Max brings to his volunteer work a level of joy and determination that inspire others to pursue excellence."


Tracy Hewett of the Mecklenburg County District Attorney's Office said, "Max is a great guy to work with due to his honesty, directness and passion. Prosecutors like Max give me hope that justice really can be done."


You could be featured in a future spotlight as well!  Contact Heather Blackley at 704/375-8624, ext. 115 for more information on how to get involved. 


MCB:     Current Employer / number of years with current employer? 

MD:       Mecklenburg County District Attorney's Office / 8 years


MCB:     Area of Practice / Expertise?

MD:       Criminal Law


MCB:     Law School / Law School Graduation Year?

MD:       UNC Chapel Hill / 2001


MCB:     On which MCB or MBF Committees have you served?

MD:       MCB Board of Directors; Social/Sports Committee; Law Day Committee; and Diversity & Inclusion Committee


MCB:     Share something with our members that they may not know about the Bar's Diversity & Inclusion Committee?

MD:       The tireless commitment and work by the committee members in order to accomplish the numerous and varied goals.


MCB:     What is the best advice you've received during your legal career?

MD:       Learn from others, but always be yourself.


MCB:     What advice would you give others? 

MD:       Be grateful to be a part of our learned profession and always look for opportunities to serve our community at large.


MCB:     What is the most challenging part of your career? 

MD:       Preparation for and trying a case to a jury is always a challenge but also greatly rewarding and an honor to represent the people of this community in the courtroom.


MCB:     What is your favorite part of your current job? 

MD:       The privilege of serving with an outstanding team of co-workers seeking justice on behalf of the people of this community.