RE:  Proposed Amendment of the Mecklenburg County Bar By-Laws



Dear Mecklenburg County Bar Members:


At our Annual Meeting on May 23, 2013, the membership will vote on the proposed amendment of the Bylaws of the Mecklenburg County Bar, 26th Judicial District.  The proposed amendment is recommended to the membership by the unanimous vote of the Board of Directors during its February 28, 2013 meeting.  The Board of Directors acted, in turn, on the unanimous recommendation of the Executive Committee made during its February 25, 2013 meeting after a review process spanning several months.  Linked to this letter are copies of the current bylaws and the proposed amended bylaws.


The changes proposed in the amended bylaws are intended primarily to "clean up" the current document.  The membership has modified the bylaws multiple times in recent years to address specific issues.  As a result, the current bylaws are not consistent throughout.  In addition, there are a few proposed changes that are intended to reflect the Bar's current practices, including those pertaining to the responsibilities of officers.  This proposed revision also provided an opportunity for the Executive Committee and the Board of Directors to review carefully the language of the bylaws.  Finally, there are a few more substantive proposed changes.  The highlights of the proposed changes include the following:


Amended Art. V ยง 2 improves the definition of "Affiliate Membership" by specifying the Bar activities in which Affiliate Members cannot participate.


Amended Art. VI is intended to conform the descriptions of Bar Officers' duties to the Bar's current practices.


Amended Sections. VIII.2.(c), VIII.4.(e), and VIII.5.(e) make clear that expenses of Committees, Sections, and Divisions must be approved by the Executive Director or the Executive Director's designee.


Amended Article IX allows for the use of electronic ballots in North Carolina. State Bar councilor elections, to the extent permitted by the State Bar, which could result in cost savings for the Bar.


Because the proposed changes to the bylaws include a re-ordering of several sections of the document, a redline of the proposed changes does not seem helpful and is not included in this posting.  However, we will be happy to provide a redline to any Bar member would like to see one.  Of course, I or any other member of the Board of Directors will gladly answer any questions Bar members may have about the proposed amendment.  Feel free to contact us.






Robert E. Harrington

President, Mecklenburg County Bar




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