National Pro Bono Week


In celebration of National Pro Bono Week, the Mecklenburg County Bar and its collaborative organizations salute the hundreds of private attorneys and paralegals who donated their time to providing free legal assistance to low-income persons through an organized pro bono program this past year.


Pro Bono Celebration Week Spotlight - Melissa Davis Wright

Melissa has handled several cases for the CFCR Custody Advocacy Program.  In her last case, she represented the best interests of two girls, nine and seven.  The case involved a relocation issue and mental health issues of both parents and the children.  Melissa spent a lot time with the children and the parents, consulted the therapists in the case, reviewed hundreds of pages of records, and was able to help the parents and their attorneys resolve a very difficult case in the best interests of the children.  She spent approximately 150 hours on the case.  She established such a strong relationship and bond with the girls, her clients, that they sent her an e-mail after the case was over reporting about their new home and school.  Melissa is completely reliable in her dealings with CFCR staff, the parents, the children and the court.   She never says no.


Listed below are the names of those attorneys who donated at least twenty hours to one or more bono cases through the MCB Volunteer Lawyer Program and its collaborative organizations which include the Council for Children's Rights, Legal Aid of North Carolina and Legal Services of Southern Piedmont.


Megan Adams


Thomas Scott Kummer

William  Allen


Laura Lawrence

Stephen D Allred


Cynthia Pauley Leone

Simone Alston


David L.  Levy

John F Ayers III


Luis Lluberas-Oliver

R. Locke Beatty


Kimberly S.  Loepp

Andrew Bonjean


Michael W. Long

Jennie Cordis Boswell


Dee Dee Lott

Heyward H Bouknight III


Julianna Lowe

Yolanda W.  Brock


Ajanaclair Lynch

Benjamin Brummel


Nicole Malinko

Sarah Dohoney Byrne


Bentford E Martin

John H Capitano


Linda K. Montgomery

Cynthia Alexander Capwell


John Morris

Linde H. Carley


Ashley K.  Neal

Rolly  Chambers


Mark A Nebrig

Michael T.  Champion


Steve B.  Ockerman

Connor Childress


Gertrude Opoku-Mensah

M. Cabell Clay


Nicki Fisher  Ostrow

John H (Jack) Cobb


Audra Marie Padget

Theresa Conduah


Allison C.  Pauls

Michelle Crawford


Valerie Pearce

Larry J.  Dagenhart


Sean Perrin

Rose Mary Staples Deese


Henry N. Pharr III

Deborah Dilman


Toniann Primiano

Jo Dobbins


Donald Rawlins

Jeremy Dunn


Jonathan Ray

NaaDei Dzani


Sharon  Reece

Matthew C Ennis


Paul A.  Reichs

William L Esser IV


John Reis

Jacqueline Ferrell


Michelle Marie Reyes

John Floyd


Virginia Rolfes

Denzil H. Forrester


Corey Rose

Jason A. Friday


Neil Sandler

Benjamin P. Fryer


Mark Sanofsky

Nathan C Fuller


Evan Sauda

Timothy H. Graham


Makila Sands Scruggs

Robert Hahn


Julie Seidenstein

Sheri A.  Harrison


Marie C.  Shea

Peggy H.  Hey


Russell F.  Sizemore

Cory Hohnbaum


Ella-Marie Smith

Tommy Holderness


Steven T Snyder

Katherine Holliday


Stacy  Stevenson

Jenny Pruitt Holman


Edward Taylor Stukes

James (Jim) D.  Horne, Jr.


Scott Alan Thomas

Chip Howes


William E.  Underwood

N. Renee Hughes


Cynthia L Van Horne

James D Humphries IV


Lauren M. Vaughn

Preston Hurrell


M. Neya Warren

Catherine V. M.  Hutasuhut


Karen C.  Weatherly

Robert Jenkins


Allen West

Richard  Johnson


Joshua D Whitlock

Jeffrey A.  Kadis


Amy R Worley

Matt Kain


Barbara H. Wright

Ted Kaplan


Melissa Davis Wright

K. Mitchell Kelling


Stephen Yoost

Kimberly Kirk


Mary Yoost

Richard F.  Kronk


Angie Hardister Zimmern


We congratulate and thank all of you for your service to the legal profession and for your commitment to providing justice for the people of Mecklenburg County. If you are interested in volunteering your time and expertise to provide legal assistance to low-income clients, please visit the MCB VLP page for opportunities and links to other legal services organizations needing assistance.


Special thanks to our firm and law department Pro Bono Coordinators that serve as an important nexus to attorneys and pro bono work! 



To add a name to this list, please contact Mary Jordan M. Samuel at