2015 - 16 Sports Committee



The Sports Committee coordinates a variety of MCB sporting opportunities, including basketball and softball leagues and additional sporting competitions developed. 





2015-16 Chair

2015-16 Vice-Chair

S. Clayton Leech








Class of 2016

Class of 2017

Class of 2018

Jason A. Friday

Patrick M.J. Allen


Michael D. Shaffer Jr.

Jose M. Luis



Brandon R. Moen



2015-16 Softball Co-Ed League Representatives

2015-16 Softball Lawyers League Representatives

2015-16 Basketball League Representatives

Merissa Hannah

Daniel E. Portone

Ryan T. Smith

Joshua J. Yablonski


Corey V. Parton



Staff Liaison

Katie Guenther, Communications & Events Assistant Coordinator, kguenther@meckbar.org

Leah Campbell, Assistant Executive Director / Director of Communications, lcampbell@meckbar.org 



Communications Committee Liasion
Scott Branam






Volunteer Need / Commitment

Members of the Sports Committee attend committee meetings to discuss and plan established and new sporting opportunities.  Responsibilities include reviewing current Bar sports leagues and evaluating need/desire for new and/or different activities, developing ways to expand the reach of the leagues and garnering more Bar member interest.  Interested in joining this committee? Complete the committee interest form .



Committee Documents/Links

Basketball and Softball Leagues




2014-15 Sports Committee Report

Reed S. Hunt, Chair and S. Clayton Leech, Vice-Chair



2014-15 Highlights

·         Successful Basketball League & Co-Ed and Lawyers’ Softball Leagues, with the Softball Leagues reaching maximum capacity of 18 teams.

·         Continued and improved marketing and promotion on www.MeckBar.org for the Lawyers’ Basketball League - including weekly e-mail blasts, team pages and score updates.




The Sports Committee was formed in 2012-13 to coordinate MCB sporting opportunities, including basketball and softball leagues and any additional sporting competitions developed. The Sports Committee in this fiscal  year focused on the Lawyers' Basketball League and the two Softball Leagues (Co-Ed and Lawyers) and their preparation.



The Committee engaged participants of the Lawyers’ Basketball League through online team web pages, weekly Basketball Blasts and updated scores and schedules. These pages featured team names, player photos, and contact information to increase social interaction. The Committee worked with support from Basketball Commissioner Ryan T. Smith to add exciting new multi-media content to wrap-up the league and final games. All feedback on the venue and referees were positive for the second year at the Dilworth location.


Following the success of previous years, both Basketball and Softball Leagues offered opportunities for MCB members to sign-up as individuals or teams. The individual sign-up process helps increase the diversity of the leagues to include individuals from solo and small firms who may not have access to a full team of players.

For both leagues, the Committee created framework and documentation to define the role of league Commissioners, the Sports Committee and MCB Staff Liaison. This included roles, responsibilities, term limits, and appointments. This document was approved in Fall 2014 by vote of the full Committee, and will help continue a successful execution of the leagues with oversight from the appropriate parties.

Lastly, the Committee also began to lay groundwork for and discuss a future Lawyers’ Kickball League. Discussions will continue in the following fiscal year regarding this opportunity or other sporting ventures.




2015-16 Goals


1. Continue to increase the social aspect of the current MCB sporting events.

2. Continue to increase the awareness of and participation in the MCB softball and basketball leagues.

3. Review and revise the MCB Leagues' Rules & Regulations as needed.

4. Explore new sporting opportunities for the fall 2015 season.

5. Define Commissioners role, responsibilities, term limits & appointments.