More than 5,200 MCB Directories are distributed annually.


Every member of the Bar receives a complimentary copy, and many firms and local businesses purchase additional copies of this essential resource to use all year.


The blue pages or "areas of concentration" are an invaluable listing of attorneys, indexed by specific areas of practice.  Attorneys listed in the blue pages under their area(s) of practice are at the fingertips of anyone needing to make a referral or find an attorney in a specialized area of law.  


List your board certifications along with the languages you speak on all of your listings to really stand out! 



DEADLINE: September 16



First Area of Concentration - $125*
Each additional specialty - $25*



represented on all of your blue page listings

Multilingual - $25 (up to 3 languages)

 Board Certification - $50/certification


To be included in the 2016-17 MCB Directory at the Early Bird rate, we must receive your order AND payment by Fri., Sept. 16.


*All fees apply to each participating attorney, not each firm.





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