MCB Board of Directors Nominations

Pursuant to Article VIII, Section 3(a) of the bylaws of the Mecklenburg County Bar, 26th Judicial District, the 2015-16 Nominating Committee met on February 18 and March 7, 2016 to consider a slate of nominees for the four officers; six members of the Board of Directors for three-year terms; one member of the Board of Directors for a one-year term; one member for a two-year term for the ABA Delegate position; and one member of the Young Lawyers Division to fill a one-year term as Chair.

The following people were slated by the Nominating Committee and elected at the MCB Annual Meeting on Thurs., May 19 at 12 p.m. No additional nominations were made from the floor at that time.

One-year term
Heather W. Culp, President-Elect
Timika Shafeek-Horton, Vice President
Christopher C. Lam, Secretary
Tracy H. Hewett, Treasurer

Board of Directors - Class of 2019
Three-year term 
Katherine T. Armstrong 
T. Russell Ferguson III
M. Heath Gilbert
Hilary L. Hayes
Christian H. Staples
Erin K. Taylor

Board of Directors - Class of 2017
One-year term
Amanda A. Mingo

ABA Delegate
Two-year term
Clark C. Walton

Young Lawyers Division Chair
One-year term
R. Jeremy Sugg

2015-16 MCB Nominating Committee


Barrett Morris²                                Julian Arronte
Stacy Vandiford²                             Michael Nedzbala
Hon. Shirley Fulton¹                             Kristi Walters 
David Hamilton¹                           Kodwo Ghartey-Tagoe
Amanda Anders                           Heather Hobgood 
Dexter Benoit                         Catherine El-Khouri

Hon. Carla N. Archie, as Immediate Past President of the MCB, serves as Chair of the Nominating Committee. MCB Executive Director Nancy M. Roberson serves as an ex-officio member of this committee.

Past President¹ Young Lawyers Division²