MCB VLP Spotlight

Tim Logan
August 2009


Our August 2009 spotlight is on Tim Logan. Tim is a Capital Markets and Public Finance attorney, but he still makes time for regular pro bono work. We thank Tim for his dedication to helping out those in our community and if you are interested in joining in his efforts with the  MCB Volunteer Lawyer Program Wills & Estates Program, contact Heather Blackley at 704/375-8624 or 


Current Employer / number of years with current employer:

McGuireWoods LLP / 3 years


Area of Practice / Expertise:

Capital Markets and Public Finance


Law School / Law School Graduation Year:

University of Virginia School of Law / 2006


How did you discover this pro bono issue / matter?

Stephen Allred, our firm's pro bono coordinator, put me in contact with the Bar when I was looking for transactional pro bono work.


What is a typical case / issue like?

Most cases involve basic estate planning concerns, especially planning for the transfer of the new Habitat home to the client's children or loved ones. 


How many of these types of pro bono cases / issues do you typically handle at one time?

I take the cases on as the Bar contacts me, but rarely have more than one or two at one time.



How do you prepare for handling such cases / issues?

Each case begins with an application with basic information from the client.  I review the application then meet with the client in person to make sure I understand their wishes and present them with any alternative options I think would be beneficial. 


Did you participate in any particular training so that you could handle these cases / issues?

I have not undertaken any formal training, but Graham McGoogan and Herb Browne have been invaluable sources of information.


What is your hope for the future with regard to these cases / issue?

I would ultimately like to see all current Habitat homeowners have their estate planning needs met.  Once that goal is met, I feel the Bar could easily work to serve new families as they become homeowners.


How can the Mecklenburg County legal community help with similar cases / this issue? 

Mary Jordan Mullinax does a great job of keeping the homeowners, Habitat, the Bar and individual attorneys coordinated.  With her handling the logistics, the Bar should be able to continue to serve these new homeowners through this program.


What is the best advice you've received during your legal career?

Brent Jeffcoat put it most succinctly by telling me a client is what makes one a lawyer.  I've had the opportunity to work with many successful attorneys with various strengths, styles and demeanors.  The one constant among them was their ability to excel in serving their clients.


What advice would you give others?

I would advise other young lawyers to get involved with a pro bono matter.  It's been a great experience to have a client I'm responsible for and to be able to see such direct and meaningful results from my work.


What is your favorite part of your current job?

I love the feeling of finalizing a transaction to the benefit of both parties, especially when that transaction is in the nonprofit, higher education or healthcare sector in public finance.