Volunteer Spotlight - Jeremy M. Deese


Jeremy M. Deese


Jeremy M. Deese has served on the Nonprofits and Client Pro Bono Committee for three years and has demonstrated exceptional service to the clients who have needed pro bono legal services. He takes the time necessary to hear the clients situation and then thoroughly communicates the case back to the members of the Nonprofits and Client Pro Bono Committee with his recommendations. Recently, Mr. Deese volunteered to co-chair the newly formed MCB Veterans Assistance Program Subcommittee of the Nonprofits and Client Pro Bono Committee.    


If you are interested in getting involved with any of the MCBs pro bono initiatives, please contact Heather Blackley, Director of Lawyer Volunteer and Community Services at hblackley@meckbar.org or 704/375-8624 ext.115.


MCB:  Current Employer / number of years with current employer?

JMD:  Hunton & Williams LLP / 8 years


MCB:  Area of Practice / Expertise? 

JMD:  Commercial and Structured Finance and Securities


MCB:  Law School / Law School Graduation Year?   

JMD:  University of Tennessee College of Law / 2005


MCB:  What are some of the recent pro bono projects on which you have worked?. 

JMD:  I've done a variety of pro bono work.  I have worked on expungement of criminal records for people trying to obtain employment, social security disability benefits cases, and with a number of start-ups and small businesses through NC LEAP.  I am currently engaged in working on the administrative side of the Veterans' Assistance Program and the Pro Bono for Non-Profits Committee.


MCB:  What is a typical case / issue like? 

JMD:  Expungements are relatively straightforward - there are particular rules for eligibility of any particular offense to be expunged, so you obtain the criminal records of the client, discuss what can and cannot be expunged and then move forward from there to expunge what you can.  Social Security Disability benefits cases are more involved and require some research, writing and counseling.  Small business work I have done for NC LEAP has been varied, though most cases are in the nature of assisting businesses with the start up process and protocols.  However, I have assisted clients in reviewing commercial leases, evaluating purchase and sale documentation for assets and drafting other commercial contracts for use in the client's business.


MCB:  How many of these type of pro bono cases / issues do you typically handle at one time? 

JMD:  Usually no more than 1 at a time, but have had up to 3 going at any one time.


MCB:  How do you prepare for handling such cases / issues? 

JMD:  This really depends on the type of case, but generally I re-familiarize myself with the applicable law and procedures.


MCB:  What is the best advice you've received during your legal career? 

JMD:  No lawyer you respect was ever afraid of silence.


MCB:  What is your favorite part of your current job? 

JMD:  Gaining a client's trust and respect.