MCB Volunteer Spotlight

September 2012 - Kathryn B. Wysong



As part of the Bar's Centennial month of volunteerism in April, Kathryn B. Wysong of WysongLaw signed up to work at the Dilworth Soup Kitchen (DSK) to help serve lunch.  While there she talked with Allen Saxe, founder of DSK, about providing legal services once a month.  Over the past three months, she has provided high quality services to those who come to DSK.  Mr. Saxe says, "Kathryn has developed a trust and rapport with our guests and is committed to providing pro bono legal services."  Because many guests are regulars, they have come to know Kathryn and know she will be there to provide valuable legal services.



MCB:    Current Employer / number of years with current employer?                    

KW:      WysongLaw, PLLC / September is WysongLaw's one year anniversary.


MCB:    Area of Practice / Expertise?                            

KW:      Personal Injury, Criminal Law, Estate Planning, and Family Law


MCB:    MCB:    Law School / Law School Graduation Year?

KW:      KW:      North Carolina Central University, 2004


MCB:    MCB:    Please describe your volunteer experience at DSK. 

KW:      KW:      I provide free legal advice every month at the Dilworth Soup Kitchen. The Soup Kitchen

            expressed a need for an attorney that would regularly address the legal needs of its diners.  The opportunity excited me because I had looked for a similar project since moving to Charlotte three years ago.  At the Soup Kitchen, I have provided advice on a wide range of legal topics ranging from child custody to landlord-tenant issues, and the number of meetings each month has been growing steadily.  I am often able to address the person's issue in one meeting, but I make it known that I will be back the next month if anyone needs further advice.


MCB:   How can the Mecklenburg County legal community help with similar causes? 

KW:     Mecklenburg County has some really great resources available for individuals that can't

afford legal advice.  I am compiling a list of resources to take with me to the Soup Kitchen in order to make sure that the people I counsel are aware of the different places where legal help is available at no charge or at a drastically reduced rate.  If you're involved in programs like this, please e-mail me so I am aware of it and any applicable requirements.  My contact information is


MCB:   What is the best advice you've received during your legal career?

KW:      Always let the people you work with know that they are appreciated and respected. 

            Small gestures of kindness can go a really long way.


MCB:    What advice would you give others?

KW:      Never hesitate to ask another attorney for advice.  As I have branched out into new

practice areas over the past year, I have been blessed by the help of numerous members of the Mecklenburg County Bar.  I owe a very special thanks to Simone Williams and Tracey Hewitt !


MCB:    What is the most challenging part of your career?

KW:      Striving to maintain a good work-life balance while trying to grow my practice areas.


MCB:    What is your favorite part of your current job?

KW:      I am a people person to the core.  I thoroughly enjoy helping others work through their

            legal problems.


MCB:    Any other pertinent things you would like to share with the Mecklenburg County Bar and

            legal community? 

KW:      I would like to thank the Mecklenburg County legal community for being so supportive. 

            Since moving to Charlotte in late 2009, I have been continually impressed by the

            collegiality of everyone I've come in contact with.