MCB Volunteer Spotlight

August 2012 - Landon S. Eustache



Landon S. Eustache of Hunton & Williams has shown tremendous dedication for children's legal issues through his work with the Council for Children's Rights (CFCR).  He is a recent graduate of the MCB & MBF Bar Leadership Institute and serves as a member of the MCB Lawyers as Volunteers Advisory Committee.



MCB:   Current Employer / number of years with current employer.

LSE:    Hunton & Williams LLP / 4 years


MCB:   Area of Practice / Expertise

LSE:    Finance / Distressed syndicated loan trading, private equity trading and other corporate finance  transactions


MCB:   Law School / Law School Graduation Year

LSE:    University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill / 2008


MCB:   Please describe your pro bono work with CFCR

LSE:    I represent children involved in high-conflict custody disputes as a guardian ad litem.  I work with a volunteer custody advocate to investigate the circumstances surrounding the custody disputes and research legal issues related to the disputes.  At the custody hearing, we present an argument to the family court judge on a custody arrangement that we believe to be, based on the results of our investigation, in the best interest of the children involved. 


MCB:    Is there a specific case that has been particularly impactful on you?

LSE:     I worked with Legal Services of Southern Piedmont on a case involving an appeal of a client's denial of Medicaid benefits.  The client had been denied because the Department of Health and Human Services decided that her medical impairments did not meet the level of severity needed to be eligible for aid.  The case took several months to resolve, but we were eventually successful in getting the decision reversed.  It is very fulfilling to know that, because of our work, the client is getting the assistance that she needs.


MCB:    What is the best advice you've received during your legal career?

LSE:     Always pay attention to the details.  As a transactional attorney, the details can be crucial.


MCB:    What advice would you give others?

LSE:     Get involved in as much pro bono and community service work as possible because your work has a real impact on the community.  The Mecklenburg County Bar has great programs in place, like the Lunch with a Lawyer program that give attorneys the opportunity to have an impact on the community outside of the courtroom or the office.


MCB:   What is your favorite part of your current job?

LSE:    My favorite part of my current job is assisting clients in working through legal issues that have a real impact on their business.  I enjoy working with clients to help them solve problems and accomplish their business goals with as little legal risk as possible.



Please consider assisting the Mecklenburg County Bar with the pro bono needs of the community.  You could be featured in a future spotlight as well!  Contact Heather Blackley at 704/375-8624, ext. 115 for more information on how to get involved.