Ayscue Professionalism Award



The Mecklenburg Bar Foundation is accepting nominations for the 2016-17 Ayscue Professioanlism Award. Entries should include a letter of nomination as well as the nominee's bio and/or resuem. Nominations are due on or before Friday, Oct. 28, 2016 to AyscueAward@meckbar.org or mailed to Mecklenburg Bar Foundation, 2850 Zebulon Avenue, Charlotte, NC 28208. The award will be presented at the Law & Society Luncheon on November 30, 2016.



The Mecklenburg Bar Foundation's Ayscue Professionalism Award is presented each year to a present or former member(s) of the Mecklenburg County Bar. The award may be given to more than one Bar member in a year for outstanding work done together on a specific project or if the work they do is inextricably linked. Its purpose is to recognize exemplary professionalism, as broadly defined.


The purpose of the award is to recognize exemplary professionalism, as broadly defined. Criteria may include one or more of the following:


  • Outstanding service through or on behalf of the Mecklenburg County Bar or the Mecklenburg Bar Foundation for the benefit of the legal community or the community at large.
  • Substantial and significant service to the community, to the Bar, or to the justice system, whether on the basis of lifetime contributions or a specific project.
  • Embodiment of the traits to which all attorneys should aspire: high ethical standards, model conduct, unquestioned integrity, and consistent competence.


Ayscue Professionalism Award Winners


E. Osborne Ayscue Jr. - 2004

Julius L. Chambers - 2005

Russell M. Robinson, II - 2006

Joseph W. Grier Jr. - 2008

Chief Justice Sarah Parker - 2009

Ray S. Farris - 2010

Peter S. Gilchrist III - 2011

Ted Fillette & Ken Schorr - 2012

Mark R. Bernstein - 2013
Robert C. "Bob" Sink - 2014
George V. Hanna III - 2015

A. Ward McKeithen - 2016
James E. Ferguson II - 2017