Court Childcare Now Available for Emergency Needs of Attorneys


Larry King’s Clubhouse (the Clubhouse) is the free drop-in childcare facility at the Mecklenburg County Court.  The Clubhouse has been serving thousands of children of litigants, jurors, and others conducting business at the court each year since its opening in 2001.  Recognizing that attorney absence from court hearings directly impacts judicial efficiency, the Clubhouse now permits attorneys to enroll their children on an emergency basis.  Below is the Clubhouse’s policy for attorney use of its facility.  Attorneys are reminded that the Clubhouse is a non-profit organization.  Donations are greatly appreciated.



Emergency Use of Larry King’s Clubhouse for Attorneys

Larry King’s Clubhouse at the Mecklenburg County Court is a local non-profit organization that directly serves thousands of children in the Charlotte area every year.  In existence since 2001, the Clubhouse is a free drop-in child care center that provides a safe, secure, and enriching place for children whose family members are conducting business at the courthouse or serving as jurors. 


The Clubhouse permits attorneys that are appearing in the Mecklenburg County Court to enroll their child or children on the day they are to appear in court on an emergency basis.  An emergency basis includes the unexpected and last minute loss of existing child care arrangements or school cancellation due to inclement weather.  Because the intended recipients of the Clubhouse’s services are citizens that are parties in a matter being adjudicated and jurors, attorney-use should not impact the Clubhouse’s capacity to serve those intended recipients.  Therefore, attorneys are permitted to enroll their children in the Clubhouse for no more than four total days per year.  Further, attorneys are asked to call the Clubhouse prior to arrival to confirm availability for that day.  Attorneys are also strongly encouraged to make a donation of an amount they consider appropriate to the Clubhouse when picking up their child. 


The Clubhouse supports attorney use of its services because it will have a direct impact on the efficient administration of justice.  Attorneys who are unable to appear on a client’s behalf due to a last minute loss of child care can result in a hearing or trial continuance, which adversely affects the efficiency of the docket.  Alternatively, it can force a litigant to appear in court unrepresented which can impair their ability to obtain necessary judicial relief.