Meet the Bar & Foundation Staff

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Due to the pandemic, we kindly request that you contact staff by email.  Individual staff email addresses are located below.  If you are unsure of who best to contact, you may email to be routed to the appropriate staff member.  Alternatively, please allow 1-2 business days for a return phone call.  Thank you!


Leah Campbell

Leah Campbell
Executive Director
704/375-8624 ext.108



Lisa Armanini

Lisa Armanini
Director of Continuing Legal Education  704/375-8624 ext.112

Shelby Benson
Executive Assistant
704/375-8624 ext.103

Chastity Gamble-Julg
Events Coordinator
704/375-8624 ext.124
Angelica Gumucio
Diversity & Inclusion Coordinator
704/375-8624 ext.125

Greg Hicks
Director of Digital Media
 704/375-8624 ext.100

Sonja S. Lucas
Sections Coordinator 
704/375-8624 ext. 128

Shannon R. Reid
Associate Executive Director
 704/375-8624 ext.126

Sally Robinson

Sally Robinson
Director of Finance 704/375-8624 ext.109

Michelle Lee 
Continuing Legal Education Coordinator 
704/375-8624 ext.123
Les Tolentino
Information Technology Coordinator
704/375-8624 ext. 104

Liz Tikalsky
Office Manager

Jill Wiggins

Jill Wiggins
Member Records Coordinator
704/375-8624 ext.107