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Offers educational programs on federal and local tax issues, including presentations by leading practitioners and key government officials in the field.  Hosts roundtable discussions to provide networking and social opportunities while engaging in thoughtful conversation regarding current tax law issues. 



2020-21 Chair 2020-21 Vice Chair
Herm Spence   
Julie Bradlow


Upcoming Section Meetings


Brian Bernhardt, Chair and Herman Spence III, Vice Chair

During the 2019-20-year, leadership of the Tax section supported section member’s professional development efforts by offering various educational, social and networking opportunities.

Through the efforts of the leadership and its member’s support, membership increased during the year.

In early September 2019, the Tax Section held its annual business meeting to outline activities for the upcoming year. In October, section members enjoyed an evening of networking at Legion Brewing SouthPark. The section also co-hosts the MCB annual holiday party which was held in December.

“The Kastner Decision” Continuing Legal Education program was presented in November, in conjunction with the MCB Estate Planning and Probate Section.  In May, the webinar, “When the IRS Comes Knocking” was presented.

Due to the outbreak of SARS-CoV-2, the multi section, Charlotte Knights Baseball game, social event was cancelled.

Throughout the year, section leadership ensured members stayed up to date on relevant information and changes with regular section-wide communications.

The Tax section’s leadership is always exploring ways to enhance membership experiences. Please submit any ideas to


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