Business Law Section

Offers informational and educational opportunities to business lawyers across a broad range of substantive areas, including banking, corporations, and commercial law.  Provides networking opportunities to its members in order to further the development of business lawyers in Mecklenburg County.



2020-21 Chair 2020-21 Vice Chair
T. Russell Ferguson
M. Aaron Lay




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 2019-20 Business Law Section Report
John P. Fetner, Chair and T. Russell Ferguson, Vice Chair

During the 2019-20-year, leadership of the Business Law section offered various educational, social, and networking opportunities to assist with section member’s professional development aspirations.

In December, members of the Real Property and the Business Law sections intermingled at the elite Charlotte City Club, while enjoying mouthwatering bites and a variety of libations. The section held the annual meeting in January to discuss and promote the sections agenda. Due to the outbreak of SARS-CoV-2, educational, social, and networking events, planned for March and April, were cancelled.

Through the efforts of the leadership and its member’s support, membership increased during the year.

The Business Law section’s leadership is always exploring ways to enhance membership experiences within the section. Please submit ideas to


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