Amendment to the Rules & Regulations of the North Carolina State Bar Concerning Judicial District Bars

All active members of the Mecklenburg County Bar (the 26th Judicial District Bar) are requested to take notice that 27 N.C.A.C. 1A, Section .0900 Organization of the Judicial District Bars, .0902 Annual Membership Fee, has been amended to shorten the time the district bar has to report to the State Bar all of its members who have not paid district bar membership dues.  Rather than twelve months from the date of the first invoice, the rule provides “Three to six months after the delinquency date for the annual membership fee, the judicial district bar shall report to the North Carolina State Bar all of its members who have not paid the annual membership fee or any late fee.”
The delinquency date for Mecklenburg County Bar members invoiced in July of each year is October 1. As such, the MCB assesses a $15 late fee if the annual membership fee is not paid by September 30 and, per the amended rule, the MCB must report those delinquencies to the North Carolina State Bar between January 1 and April 1. The delinquency date and the three-to-six month reporting dates will differ for those who are not invoiced on July 1. If you have any questions about this amendment, please contact MCB Director of Compliance & Ethics Shannon Rae Reid at or 704/375-8624.