Interested in joining the MCB Lawyer Referral Service?



The benefits of joining LRS are two-fold.

  • The LRS is one of the most visible programs the MCB offers to the community. By joining LRS, panel members can reach out to the community and, at the same time, potentially increase their business.
  • Participation can be profitable. In 2008, panel members earned at least $225,000.00 in commission and consultation fees as a result of LRS referrals with members receiving an average of 21 referrals. Oftentimes, panel memberships pay for themselves within the first month of membership.

Panel Membership is $150


If you have any questions regarding the program, please contact Mary Jordan M. Samuel at or 704/375-8624 ext. 115.


If you are a lawyer practicing in North Carolina and are interested in joining or renewing membership in the Lawyer Referral Service Panel, please download the application (same application for new and renewing) complete it and send it to the MCB.