Lawyer Referral Service (LRS)
Frequently Asked Questions

I need to speak with a lawyer – what should I do?​
Visit the Mecklenburg County Bar Lawyer Referral Service Online Directory at www.meckbar/ and submit a referral request form.  

What services does the LRS offer?
The LRS provides referrals to attorneys in a variety of practice areas depending on the need of the client. The LRS can also provide the contact information for area legal service agencies that provide pro bono legal services.   

How much does a referral cost, and when do I pay?
There is no charge to obtain a referral for an LRS attorney through our online directory. However, the attorney may charge for certain services/consultations. 

Does the LRS have walk-in hours?
No. In-person referrals are by appointment only. (Regular hours for referrals by phone are weekdays 12 p.m. to 2 p.m.)

Do the consultations occur at the Mecklenburg County Bar & Foundation Center? 
No, once you are given a referral, you must contact the attorney directly to set up the consultation date, time, and location.
What if the referred attorney can’t meet with me immediately?
We do not know the schedule of the attorneys in our service. We cannot promise that an attorney can meet for an initial consultation the day of your referral.  Please be aware that attorneys are often very busy, and may not have an opening immediately in their schedule.