Finance Committee


Oversees the preparation of the Mecklenburg County Bar’s (MCB) annual budget; recommends budget modifications and their financial impact; reviews the financial impact of other MCB initiatives as requested; recommends financial policy updates; regularly reviews the financial reports of the MCB and provides updates as needed. Finance Committee reports and recommendations will be reviewed and/or approved by the Executive Committee or Board of Directors.




2021-22 Chair

Lani Quarmby

Class of 2022 Class of 2023 Class of 2024
Belal Elrahal
Heather Fuller
Christopher M. Hicks
Stephanie Daniel
Fred P. Parker, IV
Aaron Lang
Scott Cogar
Howard Labiner
Natasha Walwyn Robinson

Staff Liaison

Sally Robinson, Director of Finance -

Leah Campbell, Executive Director - 


 Volunteer Need / Commitment

Members of the Finance Committee attend 4-5 committee meetings per year, oversee the preparation of the annual budget for MCB, monitor income and expenses throughout the year to ensure budget guidelines are met and make recommendations to the Executive Committee/Board regarding modifications or adjustments to the budget.

2020-21 Finance Committee report
Cary Davis, Chair

The Finance Committee met periodically throughout the year to review the latest financial information and projections concerning the Bar’s income and expenses. The Committee recommended a budget for the 2021-22 fiscal year that was presented to the Board and Bar members and received final approval from the Executive Committee.

The overall financial condition of the MCB remains strong, with income and expenses in line with expectations for the past fiscal year. This is so even in this unprecedented era of COVID-19, which has presented unique budgeting and oversight challenges that the Committee has worked to proactively address with a fiscally conservative approach. 

The members of the Finance Committee provide a valuable service by donating their time to ensure good stewardship of the members’ dues and other income. Attendance and participation for 2020-21 were excellent, with a good exchange of ideas among Committee members.  We especially thank Committee members Jenny Holman, Shannon Duarte and Holly Norvell who are rolling off of the Committee.