Facility Use & Maintenance


To review the use of the facility and the maintenance requirements of the facility.


2018-19 Chair 2018-19 Vice-Chair
Megan J. Scholz
Leila Z. Lahbabi


2018-19 Members

Debra J. Clark
Jorge Luis Cowley
Joycelyn J. Eason
Katherine Kliebert
Pender McElroy
Bill McMullen



Staff Liaison

Les Tolentino, IT Coordinator, ltolentino@meckbar.org

Leah Campbell, Interim Executive Director - lcampbell@meckbar.org


Volunteer Need / Commitment

Interested in joining this committee? The application for this year's committee volunteers is now available and must be completed by May 31, 2019. Click here to complete the committee interest form.


2017-18 Facility Use & Maintenance Committee Report
Megan Sadler, Chair and Megan Scholz, Vice-Chair

The Bar & Foundation Center is used by MCB members on a daily basis for client meetings, depositions, closings, mediations, and arbitrations. Since the policy was originally approved in March 2017, there has been an increase in requests to reserve the building from non-MCB members/groups and for after-hours reservations.

The Facility Use & Maintenance Committee continued work in 2017-18 to update the MCB’s Facility Use Policy to better serve our members and cover operating costs. The committee’s recommendations to update the Facility Use Policy were approved by the MCB Board of Directors on March 22, 2018.