Continuing Legal Education Committee


The Continuing Legal Education (CLE) Committee develops, implements, and oversees all CLE programs for the Mecklenburg County Bar (MCB) in conformance with the rules of the North Carolina State Bar (NCSB) CLE Board. Committee members are requested to plan one CLE training.






2020-21 Chair
Hon. Christopher E. Bazzle

2020-21 Vice-Chair
Kevin Pratt


Class of 2021
Class of 2022
Class of 2023
 Meghan L. Abernathy     
Matthew Winer
Will Wallace
     Mallory A. Willink     

Robert K. Corbett III
Marli J. Dabareiner
Richard M. McDermott
Hon. Nancy B. Norelli
Melissa Romanzo
Austin A. Backus

Ryan Arnold
Kati Buckner
Kathryn DeAngelo
Jeneva Vazquez
Yao Zhu
Staff Liaisons

Lisa Armanini, Director of Continuing Legal Education -
Sonja Lucas, Sections Coordinator -
Michelle Lee, Continuing Legal Education Coordinator -



 Volunteer Need / Commitment

Develops, implements and oversees all CLE programs for the MCB in conformance with the rules of the North Carolina State Bar. The committee meets on the third Tuesday or Thursday of each month from 12 - 1 p.m. Each member is expected to plan/coordinate a minimum of one program annually which requires approximately 3 to 6 volunteer hours outside of meeting time. 


Committee Documents/Links

CLE Committee Manual


2019-20 CLE Committee Report
Rhonda L. Patterson, Chair & Hon. Christopher E. Bazzle , Vice-Chair

Earn. Learn. Network. Value for Your Membership Dues.

Under the direction of MCB President, Chris Lam. and CLE Committee Chair, Rhonda Patterson, and Vice Chair, Chris Bazzle, the MCB CLE Committee has produced over 150 programs and provided many opportunities for member value trainings, which for the first time were included as a member-benefit in connection with member dues. In total, we were able to offer over 26 hours, across 12 classes of CLEs included as part of the benefits for dues paying members serving approximately 1,100 of your colleagues.

Responding to COVID-19, MCB has pivoted to an exclusive online presence where it routinely: (1) produces classes and trainings focused on serving our Courts given the evolving realities of limited in-person access; (2) emphasizes MCB Section-driven content; (3) curates programs targeted at improving lawyers’ mental health; and (4) fulfills the newly-required Ethics and Technology hour.

Looking to the 2020–21 Bar year, the MCB CLE Committee is focused on continuing to be your preferred partner for CLE content. We will continue to connect our local legal community, reaching out digitally now, and looking forward to reconnecting with in-person networking opportunities in the future.  We stay committed to bringing you relevant content, especially from our local courts as they continue to respond to the COVID-19 Pandemic and the ever-changing needs of the public.  Be on the look out for future trainings about using videoconferencing in practice and the courtroom, as well all lean in on technology.

There are new opportunities to collaborate and new platforms to leverage. If you are interested in helping the Bar meet this moment by delivering timely, relevant, economical programming to your colleagues in the Bar, please join our committee as a committee member or program planner.  As a legal community, we rely on each other for programming ideas, critical feedback, marketing support (i.e., leveraging your agency and spheres of influence), and (most importantly) energy to keep raising the standards of our legal community. The MCB CLE committee exists for you, to serve you, and we do that best when we hear you. Serve on this committee to make sure your voice is heard.

Share your talent and your programming ideas.

Our tag line is Earn. Learn. Network. Pride in your local membership goes a long way!

Please contact the following CLE Leadership and staff to get involved:

Committee Chair Christopher Bazzle,

Vice Chair Kevin Pratt,

CLE Director, Lisa Armanini,

CLE Coordinator, Michelle Lee,

Sections Coordinator, Sonja Lucas