Continuing Legal Education Committee


The Continuing Legal Education (CLE) Committee develops, implements, and oversees all CLE programs for the Mecklenburg County Bar (MCB) in conformance with the rules of the North Carolina State Bar (NCSB) CLE Board. Committee members are requested to plan one CLE training.






2021-22 Chair
Kevin Pratt

2021-22 Co-Vice Chair
Kathryn Buckner

2021-22 Co-Vice Chair
Jeneva Vazquez


Class of 2022
Class of 2023
Class of 2024
Robert K. Corbett III
Marli Dabareiner Grady
Richard M. McDermott
Hon. Nancy B. Norelli
Melissa Romanzo
Austin A. Backus
   Ryan Arnold
Matt Winer
Kathryn DeAngelo
Jeneva Vazquez
Yao Zhu

Brooks Jaffa
Fatina Lorick
Walton Milam
David Shermon


Ex Officio

Hon. Christopher E. Bazzle

Staff Liaisons

Lisa Armanini, Director of Continuing Legal Education -
Sonja Lucas, Sections Coordinator -
Michelle Lee, Continuing Legal Education Coordinator -



 Volunteer Need / Commitment

Develops, implements and oversees all CLE programs for the MCB in conformance with the rules of the North Carolina State Bar. The committee meets on the third Tuesday or Thursday of each month from 12 - 1 p.m. Each member is expected to plan/coordinate a minimum of one program annually which requires approximately 3 to 6 volunteer hours outside of meeting time. 


Committee Documents/Links

CLE Committee Manual


2020-21 CLE Committee Report

Earn. Learn. Network. Value for Your Membership Dues.

Under the direction of MCB President, Heath Gilbert, executive Director Leah Campbell, CLE Committee Chair, Christopher Bazzle, and Vice Chair, Kevin Pratt, the MCB CLE Committee has produced over 150 hours of live programs this year, all of which were delivered online in response to our members’ needs during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.  Through the diligence and hard work of the CLE Staff—Lisa Armanini, Michele Lee, and Sonja Lucas—and the committee members and programmers, CLE was able to beat my expectations, both in review and programming.  In total, we provided 156 hours of live webinars, to a total of 2,773 registrants—19 hours of which were included; 192 hours of video replays, to 38 registrant; and additional On-Demand programming to another 1,645 registrants; while generating over $200,000.00 of revenue for Bar operations.

I am especially proud of the way Staff and the Committee have been able to embrace the necessary shift to virtual learning.  Where there were troubled waters, we charted a new course, and have greatly exceeded my predictions.  We were able to do this because our members pivoted with us, and embrace this method of learning, which differed so greatly from our traditional programs in the past.  In providing these educational opportunities, we tapped into a whole new pool of speakers and content, using virtual platforms to let speakers present from anywhere and members access that content from everywhere.

I wish to highlight the extraordinary efforts of Ms. Sonja Lucas in embracing and motivating our Sections to interact with CLE on a level I have not seen in my time with the Bar.  Capitalizing on this past year’s successes, the Committee plans to improve those relationships and provide even more value to those members.  I anticipate further deconstructing the barriers and silos that keep some of our practitioners from fully interacting with their colleagues and realizing the value of our legal community.

The next year will bring new challenges and many changes.  The shift in the legal world to digital platforms and tools will continue to expand.  North Carolina will be moving to a new Court computer system, and eFiling will become the mandate for all practicing attorneys and the preferred method of preparing documents for the general public.  Mecklenburg County will be at the beginning of this wave as it sweeps across all districts in the coming years, and the Mecklenburg County Bar will continue to be the preferred educational source for timely and relevant trainings to keep out members up to date and ready to practice.

As my tenure as Chairperson comes to an end, I am looking forward with excitement and anticipation.  I foresee a future where we embrace the convenience and accessibility of the one hour webinar—consumed at your desk or anywhere else—paired with a safe return to in person CLEs, which will leverage the fellowship our members have traditionally enjoyed.  While we have found new voices from across the country to bring us exciting and varied content, we must also take active steps to lift our local voices—especially the ones we do not hear from enough.  Moving into 2021-22, I expect to hear more from our sections and our affinity bars.  Please reach out to your bar if you wish to request a topic for training, suggest a speaker, or even better share your own expertise with your colleagues.

Please contact the following CLE Leadership and staff to get involved:

Committee Chair Kevin Pratt,

Co-Vice Chair Kati Buckner,

Co-Vice Chair Jeneva Vazquez,

CLE Director, Lisa Armanini,

CLE Coordinator, Michelle Lee,

Sections Coordinator, Sonja Lucas