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By submitting the below form, I acknowledge that my information may be shared with the LRS and any lawyer(s) to whom I am referred through this program.  I further acknowledge that the MCB may make disclosures necessary to comply with the law or when such disclosures are otherwise believed to be necessary.

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Please do not put any specific details of your case in this section. If you are unsure of the applicable legal issue or case type, please call the MCB Lawyer Referral Service at 704/375-8624 for assistance.


Please select the Primary Panel. (This refers to the general area of law and is a required field.) The Sub-Panel refers to a more specific area of law and is an optional field, as is the County field. If you are uncertain, please email the LRS Help Desk or call 704/375-8624 for assistance.  Upon submission, a list of up to three attorneys who meet your selections will be displayed on screen and emailed to you. 

Please note that it is up to you to contact the attorney(s). They CANNOT contact you first. 


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