President's Message

Posted by: Timika Shafeek-Horton on Oct 1, 2018

My husband Arthur likes the show “Unsung.” It airs on the TVOne Network and is a documentary-type show that reviews the history of once famous entertainers who have not received their due based on their contribution to the music industry. Arthur’s favorites include Phyllis Hyman, Patrice Rushen, and Angela Winbush. (Yes, my husband’s favorite music category is smooth jazz. I like 90’s rap. We make it work.) I try to be mindful of and show appreciation for the work other people do and the support I receive as in my various roles - Duke Energy lawyer, president of the MCB, parent, wife, etc., etc., but I know I fall short sometimes. I imagine I’m not alone. So, what is one to do? I’m going to start by thanking some folks who may feel as though their efforts are “unsung,” and finish by encouraging you to do the same.

Most of you are familiar with our Executive Director, Nancy Roberson. Jason McGrath wrote an interesting article about her to commemorate her 15-year anniversary in the May 2018 newsletter. You can find it here ( if you missed it. Nancy is supported by a current full-time staff of 15 (with some vacancies to be filled). Her right hand (wo)man is Leah Campbell, Assistant Executive Director and Director of Communications & Outreach Strategy. Leah has been at the MCB for 12 years and has been the AED for three years. I hope you can tell from her titles that Leah has a number of responsibilities – I put that down in the category of more member value. I think one of her most important roles is ensuring that our members receive timely and informative communication about what’s going on at the Bar. Leah is the person behind the Bar Blasts and this newsletter. If you have thoughts or ideas about how to make either one of these communication tools better, reach out to Leah at You can also contact the chair of the Communications Committee, Julie Adams, or the vice-chair, Jeremy Sugg.

Another person you should know is Sally Robinson. Sally is Director of Finance & Employee Benefits and she works closely with our Executive Director, our Treasurer, Heath Gilbert, and our Finance Committee to make sure our finances are in order. Marcus Benning, Cary Davis, Shannon Duarte, Doug Edwards, John Fetner, Gonzalo Frias, Tricia Magee, Holly Norvell and Thomas Powers serve on our Finance Committee that meets on a quarterly basis (or more if needed). If you want to know more about how the Board manages the dues you entrust us with, reach out to Sally, Heath or one of your Finance Committee members.

I suppose I shouldn’t have a favorite staff person, so I will just say he is my favorite today – Greg Hicks. Greg has worked at the MCB for four years. Greg is the Director of Digital Media & Outreach and will be taking on the production of the MCB’s digital content, as well as marketing and social media campaigns. He will also continue to provide free member headshot photos in his new role – yet another member value. I have frequent interaction with Greg as he works directly with the Executive Committee and Board, and he’s helping me stay au currant on social media. Check me out on LinkedIn and note the hashtag MCBPrez.

Our full-time staff is rounded out by Chastity Gamble-Julg, Angelica Gumucio, Lauren Johns, Sonja Lucas, Shannon Reid, Les Tolentino, Jill Wiggins and Lisa Armanini. Lisa is the Director of Continuing Legal Education, and we have a fantastic CLE coming up in November, “Lessons Learned from the Staircase,” featuring David Rudolf. Watch the series now on Netflix and register for the CLE at the Hilton Charlotte Center City on Monday, November 19, 2018, from 9:00 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. I will plan to see you there.

I don’t have enough space in this newsletter to give you details about each staff member and all they do to support the MCB. My point is that they do fantastic work behind the scenes, and they are mostly “unsung.” In my last newsletter, I gave you a list a mile long of the upcoming activities at the Bar. We have great volunteers who help make all these events possible, but most of us have full-time jobs that don’t allow us to oversee every detail of every event that’s planned. We leave those details to our capable staff. Our staff rocks, so please thank them the next time you see them.