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Posted by: Heather Culp on Aug 1, 2017

10 Easy Tech Tricks for Your Law Practice

by Heather Culp
I still associate August with buying school supplies and getting organized for the upcoming school year. (Does anyone else remember the thrill of a new Trapper Keeper?) One of the perks of serving as MCB President is access to thought leaders on a variety of legal and Bar issues, including technology for legal professionals. Here are 10 tools I’ve collected for you while attending bar leadership events over the past year. Think of these as school supplies for your law practice. 
1. Grammarly finds and corrects grammar mistakes in your writing (free add-on to Chrome). You know that red squiggle line that appears under a misspelled word, signaling spell check in Word? Grammarly provides the same squiggle line for a grammar error and suggests appropriate grammar edits. (
2. ZUtA is billed as the first mini robotic printer ($199 for preorder; available fourth quarter 2017). Portable and powered by a rechargeable battery, it is a mouse-sized printer that connects to smartphones and PCs via Bluetooth, and travels across paper to print. (
3. Phone Soap sanitizes smartphones (and anything else) using ultraviolet light ($49.99). (
4. TrendMicro alerts you to phishing e-mails and other cybersecurity threats; great for iPhones and can help improve battery life (free trial or purchase). (
5. Last Pass allows a team to share and update passwords, especially for social media use in the office ($2.42 per user per month, billed annually). (
6. WhatsApp provides secure, encrypted, free messaging world-wide, and is especially popular among family lawyers and the immigrant community (free). ( (Hat tip to the North Carolina Bar Association’s (NCBA) Joyce Brafford for tips 1-6.)
7. uses artificial intelligence to schedule meetings for you (get in line for a free trial or purchase for $30/month). (
8. Simply File uses artificial intelligence to organize, manage, file and archive e-mails in Outlook ($49.95/month). ( 
9. Wunderlist is task software that helps you create, manage, and share multiple lists (free). (
10. iStock by Getty Images offers royalty-free stock photographs and art that can be used for your website and other marketing or presentation purposes; purchase credit packs that allow you to download a set number of images, or a subscription that allows monthly downloads of photos, vectors and illustrations. Free trials for subscriptions. ( (Hat tip to the NCBA’s Erik Mazzone for tips 7-10.)
BONUS TIP: LegalBoard, a keyboard designed by lawyers for lawyers ($75). Users can easily switch to “legal mode” and use keys to quickly add symbols, citations and words lawyers commonly use. (
I’d love to hear technology you’re using to improve your work life. Feel free to share by e-mailing me at