President's Message

Posted by: Cory Hohnbaum on Jun 1, 2016


by Cory Hohnbaum
As I wind down my term as president of our Bar what strikes me most about my year in office is how inspired I have been by the commitment of so many fellow members of our Bar to make our profession and community a better place. I am grateful for the opportunity to serve with so many talented and devoted people.
The primary initiatives of my term in office related to two issues of significance to our Bar. The first relates to what the Bar does to promote diversity and inclusion within our profession and how those efforts are funded. It was time to take a fresh look at these issues and build on our past success. I am very thankful for the leadership of Timika Shafeek-Horton and Blaine Sanders, who co-chaired the Diversity & Inclusion Funding Model team. Both have been committed for years to promoting diversity within out Bar. Their vision and leadership with this task have served the Bar well. 
Members of that group devoted significant time to thoughtfully considering what changes should be made. That group, in addition to Timika and Blaine, consisted of Judge Al Diaz, Doug Edwards, Felicia Gardner, Sara Lincoln and Valecia McDowell. I am confident their recommendations will set a positive course in this area for years to come.  
Another area of focus was on our Bar’s pro bono work and the Bar’s relationship with our local pro bono agencies. I helped organize the Pro Bono Evaluation Task Force to look comprehensively at what we are doing and where we can improve. I have been overwhelmed with the effort this group has invested in this task and their careful analysis of the many issues involved. Ray Owens ably chaired the Task Force with members Judge Carla Archie, George Hanna, Adam Horner and Becky Lindahl. Our Bar has a proud pro bono tradition and the efforts of this group will no doubt strengthen and enhance this important work.
Throughout this past year I was constantly amazed by how many of our lawyers serve on committees and sections and whose work makes a meaningful difference in the lives of our lawyers and the community we serve. It is often thankless work but we all are indebted to them.  
I am also grateful for the work of Nancy Roberson, the Bar’s executive director. She has a tough job and does it well. I am thankful for her leadership, as I am of the entire Bar staff whose dedication to their jobs was always on display. 
Oh, and I am thankful for one more thing – the fact that this is my last column. 
I hope I have served you well.