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Justice Access Initiative Statement and Final Report

Dear MCB Members,

We are presenting you with the Justice Access Initiative Report. Under the leadership of Chase Saunders and Kathi Lucchesi, this report represents the work of over 90 of your peers in every practice sector, from large firms to small firms to corporate counsel to public sector attorneys including members of the judiciary, the Register of Deeds and the Clerk’s office.

As I indicated when I was sworn in back last May, the purpose of this report was to begin the conversation on how we collectively as a profession move forward post COVID-19. This report represents the research of practitioners on every level of our industry in Mecklenburg County. In addition, this document provides practice area specific recommendations from those same practitioners on how best to implement changes that will help their practice area overcome the year-long delay created by COVID.

This is not a document that was written by the MCB Board of Directors. Rather, this is a document written by your practice area colleagues. It is being provided to you in the same format in which it was provided to the Board of Directors. The Justice Access Initiative at all times has been a grassroots peer review of the challenges of COVID-19 and peer recommendations to overcome the same. In other words, when those that make decisions regarding how to overcome the challenges of COVID-19 ask the question, “I wonder what the lawyers think?”, this report will provide some thoughts in that direction.

Thank you,

Heath Gilbert, MCB President

Final Report


Key Court Officials Respond to JAI Report