We'll see you in the dugout!


Spring is in the air, so let’s play ball! The Mecklenburg County Bar is organizing two softball leagues – the Co-Ed (open to attorneys and firm/legal department staff) and Lawyers’ Leagues (open to attorneys only) – which play on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday nights starting on June 1 through late August at Veteran’s Park.


Start organizing your team rosters now – the MCB is accepting new teams and players!  Contact MCB Member Networking & Sponsorship Coordinator Sara Taylor Moore at smoore@meckbar.org or 704/375-8624, MCB Lawyers' League Commissioner Bryan Stone at 704/370-2828 or Bryan.Stone@arnoldsmithlaw.com, or MCB Co-Ed League Commissioner Merissa Hannah at 704/502-4288 or hannahmerissa@yahoo.com by Fri., May 15 to reserve your spots. 


Team fees are $490/season.  Payment of team fees must be received no later than Fri., May 22.  You may pay online or send your check made out to the Mecklenburg County Bar, to MCB Softball, 2850 Zebulon Avenue, Charlotte, NC 28208.


We’ll see you in the dugout!



2014 Lawyers League Schedule & Results


2014 Co-Ed League Schedule & Results


MCB Softball Season - A Surprise Ending
By Bryan W. Stone, Softball Commissioner

It's a story that began nearly 25 years ago.  A group of attorneys assembled from many different firms and practice areas into one solitary team called Pain & Suffering.  Yet this hodgepodge troop crafted a tale wherein each annual chapter ended the same way as the year before&in sad defeat. Yet, the tale had a twist this year; a surprise ending that few could have imagined. For the first time in 25 years, the chapter closes with Pain & Suffering being crowned 2013's Mecklenburg County Lawyer's League Softball Champions. 

Led by its captain, Robert Newkirk, and anchored by its veteran players, Alan Edmonds, Mac Sasser and Manning Huske, the team found resurgence through the youthful play from Costner Law Office. Champions rise to the occasion and on this one championship night, it was Pain & Suffering that rose. To reach one's goal after so many years of trying and failing is the embodiment of perseverance.  Congrats Coach.

Similar kudos goes to the other top teams and Lawyers' League semi-finalists: Robinson, Bradshaw & Hinson, Moore & Van Allen, and More Cowbell.  All teams played a tremendous season and are looking forward to rebounding for 2014.

In the MCB Co-Ed Softball League, perennial favorites, Parker Poe Adams and Bernstein once again claimed the title of Champion, defeating the co-ed team of Cadwalader, Wickersham & Taft.  With its sixth victory in eight years, Parker Poe Adams & Bernstein has dominated the co-ed league and even in the face of challenges, can easily claim dynasty-status at this juncture. 

Congratulations to all the teams for another fun softball season.  Thank you all for your cooperation and professionalism.  We look forward to Summer 2014, which will be here in no time.  Until then, adieu.