MCB Lawyers' Basketball League

The MCB Lawyers' Basketball League looks forward to the 2015 season, starting in late Februrary/early March. Registration will is now open!

Click here to register for the 2015 MCB Lawyers' Basketball League

League Location: All games will be played at the Cathedral of St. Patrick
(1125 Buchanan Street, Charlotte, NC 28203)

If you're interested in participating or have any questions, please contact MCB Communications & Member Networking Assistant Katie Guenther at or 704/375-8624.



There is a new champ in town:   #4 Seed PARTON LAW FIRM!  


Props to #3 Seed Mayer Brown who found a way into the title game, overcoming a confused Jetton & Meredith team in the Final Four.  But they were no match for Parton who owned the title game from start to finish, pouring it on in the end.  


As for Parton, they took down the Commish in the Elite 8 and matched up vs. the 4-time-Consecutive Defending Champs, Johnston Allison & Hord.  This may have been the best game the MCB has seen since Jay Bilas played in the Bar League in the early 90's.  Foul trouble and old legs got JAH in trouble.  Talent and enthusiasm sprung Parton to victory.  The Unanimous 2014 MCB League MVP, Shemik Thompson, dropped 40 in the win.  


Our league is on the rise.  I hope everyone enjoyed the new location and new selection of referees.   We plan to have Monty McCullough return to announce the Final Four for next season.  The Assist-Bell and Turnover-Gong will also be in attendance.  


Please shoot me over opinions/questions/suggestions for next season at 704/526-8313 or  

- Commish

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