Memorials Committee



Arranges and provides memorial services for deceased Bar members in open court when the families so desire. 







2013-14 Co-Chair

2013-14 Co-Chair

Jonathon E. Buchan Jr.

George V. Hanna III





Class of 2015

Fred P. Parker IV



Staff Liaison

Sara Taylor Moore, Member Networking & Sponsorship Coordinator-


Memorials Committee, 2012-13 Report
By: George V. Hanna III, Co-Chair and Jon E. Buchan Jr., Co-Chair

For a number of years, it has been our Bar's tradition to honor the memory of members of the Bar who have died during the year. When the family desires, a memorial ceremony is conducted for a deceased member at a special session of the Superior Court, presided over by one of our resident superior court judges (or occasionally a district court judge), and attended by the deceased member's family and friends, the president of the Bar, a co-chair of the Memorials Committee and other members of the Bar.
On behalf of the Memorials Committee, a designated member of the Bar prepares and presents at this memorial ceremony a special resolution commemorating the life and services of the deceased member which becomes a permanent record in the minutes of the Court. The Court also invites friends and colleagues to make informal remarks or to share recollections about the deceased member which often results in moving memories and tributes. The Court is subsequently adjourned in memory of the deceased member.

In 2012, the MCB Memorials Committee worked with Courthouse Liaisons, Judges and the Bar to continue providing Memorial Services for the members below. The MCB has placed the memorial resolution documents on to view. The resolutions are also available at the Mecklenburg County Bar & Foundation Center in bound volumes. Additionally, the family and presenter are now given an audio CD of the memorial service.

During the past year, proceedings have been conducted for the following deceased members of our Bar:

Deceased Member

Memorial Proceeding

Resolution Presenter

Presiding Judge

Connie J. Miller

  August 9, 2012

Carol Jones Van Buren

Hon. F. Lane Williamson

Robert W. Bradshaw Jr.

  September 20, 2012

Russell M. Robinson II

Hon. Richard

D. Boner

Parker Whedon

  November 29, 2012

William L. Sitton Jr.

Hon. Richard

D. Boner

Charles Benjamin Park III

  January 10, 2013

Blas P. Arroyo

Hon. H. William Constangy

Lyn Bond Jr.

  March 28, 2013

James O. Cobb, Jr.

Hon. Robert

W. Bell

William H. Ashendorf

  April 4, 2013

W. Herb Brown Jr.

Hon. Robert

W. Bell

Allen W. Boyer

  April 18, 2013

Falls T. Seagrave

Hon. Robert

W. Bell

The Committee extends special thanks and appreciation to the judges who presided on these occasions, to those members of the Bar who have prepared and presented the resolutions, to the Bar members and family and friends who have attended these memorial proceedings and to Linda Brooks who has handled the various arrangements necessary to the continuing of this fine tradition of the Bar. The Committee also welcomed new member Fred Parker in the past year.