2015 - 16 Continuing Legal Education Committee


The Continuing Legal Education Committee develops, implements, and oversees all CLE programs for the MCB in conformance with the rules of the North Carolina State Bar CLE Board.  Committee members are requested to plan one CLE training in a practice area or with an ethics/professionalism theme.





      2015-16 Chair

2015-16 Vice-Chair

     Katherine T. Armstrong

Ashley A. Edwards






Class of 2015

Class of 2016

Class of 2017

James M. Dedman IV

Salena J. Davis-Woods

 Pete Anderson

Felton Parrish

Ashley A. Edwards

 Jennifer Arrington

Lee A. Peindl
Christian L. Perrin
Andrew Schwaba
Jennifer M. Scott
Todd C. Taylor

Hunter Edwards
Dennis O'Dea
Ty E. Shaffer
Breana C. Smith
James C. Smith

             Asya S. Bynum
          Ross R. Fulton
       Melissa H. Grimes
      Rebecca K. Lindahl
     Christopher D. Miller
           Abby Mrkus

Staff Liaison

Lisa Armanini, Director of Continuing Legal Education - larmanini@meckbar.org

Alison Rogers, Continuing Legal Education Coordinator - arogers@meckbar.org   


Volunteer Need / Commitment

Monthly lunch meetings.  Committee members are expected to plan one CLE program during the year; the time commitment for planning varies depending on the program.  Program planners attend the CLE that they plan, ranging from 1.0 to 3.0 hours in length. Interested in joining this committee? Complete the committee interest form.

Committee Documents/Links

CLE Committee Manual


2013-14 CLE Committee Report

Glenn Thompson, Chair & Patricia W. Magee, Vice-Chair


The CLE Committee was charged with an income goal of $587,500.00 which was held steady from the previous fiscal year. As of mid-June 2014, the income goal is close to being met and revenue generated the remainder of June will be critical in attaining it. Although several venues were utilized to house CLE courses this year while MCB occupies transitional space at the Catholic Diocese, expenses should be in check. A complete financial analysis will be available shortly after the close of this fiscal year.


MCB CLE successfully paired with several MCB Sections as well as the YLD to provide creative quality programs with a networking component. This initiative will continue into the next fiscal year.


A partnership between MCB and LSSP/LANC to provide expanded CLE programming to members was formed. With the intent of a broader marketing approach for LSSP/LANC programs and with the intent that MCB would expand its offerings and be able to reach large firm members, the partnership has been a success with more than 10 joint classes being calendared since January 1.


Plans are currently underway to utilize the many training room options at the future Bar & Foundation Center. The facility will accommodate multi-track programs, broadcast abilities and courtroom instruction. It is projected that a cost saving will be realized as a majority of CLE programming will be offered at the future center. 


2013-14 Goals

1.     Meet budget of $587,500.00

2.     Work toward becoming a more competitive CLE provider by advancing technology.

3.     Expand CLE’s market share by:

a.     Educating MCB members that CLE is a major income generator of the Bar and its revenue supports many other Bar programs

b.    Developing programs that are applicable to non-attorneys (accountants, insurance adjusters, paralegals, the general public, other) and those attorneys in other counties

4.     Make CLEs more appealing by developing courses that offer attendees the opportunity to socialize and network with their fellow attorneys such as:

a.     Cross-over practice area programs (ex. Bankruptcy for Family Lawyer Practitioners)

b.    CLEs with a networking/social opportunity

c.     CLEs at alternative locations (ex. Restaurants, breweries, downtown law firms)

d.    CLEs that address current social and economic issues