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***Winners are highlighted

Week 1

3/5 Katten v. Cadwalader

3/5 RTS Law Group v. Patently Offensive

3/5 Mayer Brown v. Hedrick Gardner

3/6 BYE

3/6 Patently Offensive v. Alston & Bird

3/6 RBH v. Parker Poe

3/7 McAngus v. Free Agents

3/7 Jetton & Meredith v. Bank of America

3/7 K&L Gates v. 12 Angry Men

Week 2

3/12 Alston & Bird v. Moore & Van Allen

3/12 JAH v. Cadwalader

3/12 Patently Offensive v. Parker Poe

3/13 Free Agents v. Jetton & Meredith

3/13 Bank of America v. RTS Law Group

3/13 BYE

3/14 McAngus v. Mayer Brown

3/14 12 Angry Men v. Katten

3/14 K&L Gates v. RBH

 Week 3

3/19 Jetton & Meredith v. K&L Gates

3/19 McAngus v. Hedrick Gardner

3/19 12 Angry Men v. RBH

3/20 JAH v. Patently Offensive

3/20 Parker Poe v. Mayer Brown

3/20 Cadwalader (by forfeit) v. Bank of America

3/21 BYE v. RTS Law Group

3/21 Moore & Van Allen v. Katten

3/21 Alston & Bird v. Free Agents

 Week 4

3/26 Free Agents v. BYE

3/26 Katten v. Jetton & Meredith

3/26 Parker Poe v. JAH

3/27 Moore & Van Allen v. McAngus

3/27 Mayer Brown v. K&L Gates

3/27 Cadwalader v. 12 Angry Men

3/28 Bank of America v. Alston & Bird

3/28 RBH v. Hedrick Gardner (TIE)

3/28 RTS Law Group v. Patently Offensive (Rescheduled)

 Week 5

4/2 Hedrick Gardner v. Cadwalader

4/2 Bank of America v. Mayer Brown

4/2 Parker Poe v. Moore & Van Allen

4/3 K&L Gates v. Free Agents

4/3 RBH v. Katten

4/3 Jetton & Meredith v. RTS Law Group

4/4 Patently Offensive v. BYE

4/4 12 Angry Men v. McAngus

4/4 Alston & Bird v. JAH

 Week 6

4/9 RTS Law Group v. K&L Gates (TIE)

4/9 Free Agents v. RBH

4/9 Katten v. Patently Offensive

4/10 Mayer Brown v. Moore & Van Allen

4/10 Jetton & Meredith v. McAngus

4/10 12 Angry Men v. Parker Poe

4/11 Alston & Bird v. Hedrick Gardner

4/11 JAH v. Bank of America

4/11 BYE v. Cadwalader

 Week 7

4/16 Mayer Brown v. RTS Law Group

4/16 Free Agents v. Parker Poe

4/16 Bank of America v. Katten

4/17 McAngus v. Alston & Bird

4/17 JAH v. Jetton & Meredith

4/17 Hedrick Gardner v. Moore & Van Allen

4/18 Patently Offensive v. K&L Gates

4/18 Cadwalader v. RBH

4/18 BYE v. 12 Angry Men

 Week 8

4/23 K&L Gates v. Hedrick Gardner

4/23 Patently Offensive v. 12 Angry Men

4/23 Mayer Brown v. JAH

4/24 Moore & Van Allen v. Jetton & Meredith

4/24 RTS Law Group v. Alston & Bird

4/24 RTS Law Group vs. JAH

4/25 McAngus v. Parker Poe

4/25 Bank of America v. RBH

4/25 Cadwalader v. Free Agents

  Week 9

4/30 MVA vs. Free Agents

4/30 Cadwalader vs. Patently Offensive

5/1 12 Angry Men vs. RTS Law Group

5/1 Hedrick Gardner vs. Katten


Tournament Schedule

5/7 Free Agents vs. Hedrick Gardner

5/7 RTS Law Group vs. K&L Gates

5//7 JAH vs. 12 Angry Men


5/8 Alston & Bird vs. Mayer Brown

5/8 Patently Offensive vs. Parker Poe

5/8 Katten vs. McAngus


5/9 RBH vs. Bank of America

5/9 Moore & Van Allen vs. Cadwalader

5/9 Jetton & Meredith vs. winner of Free Agents vs. Hedrick Gardner (5/7)




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