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2014 - 15 Grievance & Unauthorized Practice of Law Committee


Receives and investigates complaints from the public on ethical matters and writes recommendations and submits written report for committee discussion based on the NCSB Rules of Professional Conduct. Attorney members must have been licensed for at least five years.



2014-15 Chair

Fred W. DeVore III



Class of 2015

Class of 2016

Class of 2017

Public Members

Scott S. Addison

Melinda R. Beres

Ryan D. Bolick

Randy Brady

Michael R. Hoernlein

Chadwick Crockford

Antonio E. Lewis


Elizabeth A. Martineau

Angelina M. Maletto

Amanda A. Mingo


George N. Miller

D. Christopher Osborn

Daniel P. Roberts

 Makila A. Scruggs

 Erin K. Taylor

Allen L. West


Staff Liaison

Maya M. Engle, Assistant Executive Director -


Volunteer Need / Commitment

Members of the Grievance Committee attend monthly Committee meetings and are assigned two to three cases each month to investigate. Meetings take place the third Wednesday of every month during which time members who have completed case investigations present formal reports with their recommendation of probable cause or no probable cause based on the Rules of Professional Conduct. Once the case is closed at the local level, it is sent on to the NC State Bar Grievance Coordinator for final review. Interested in joining this committee? Complete the committee interest form

2013-14 Grievance & Unauthorized Practice of Law Committee Report

Fred W. DeVore III, Chair


The Grievance Committee investigates complaints against Mecklenburg County Bar members and reports its findings and recommendations to the North Carolina State Bar (NCSB). The Committee’s recommendations are nonbinding, and the Committee has no role in any discipline that might be imposed. Grievances may be filed locally or with the NCSB, but all grievances other than those alleging criminal conduct or trust account violations are investigated locally. The Committee is comprised of 13 lawyers and two non-lawyers. Investigations are assigned to lawyer members, and all reports are considered by the Committee as a whole. All proceedings are confidential. The Committee also investigates Unauthorized Practice of Law complaints as needed.


For the period from July 1, 2013, through May 1, 2014, 47 new files were opened and 63 were closed. The Committee recommended a finding of probable cause as to a violation of one or more of the Rules of Professional Conduct in 13 of the closed files. Criminal, domestic law and personal injury consistently generates the most complaints. Regardless of the type of law involved, most complaints allege violations of Rule 1.4, Communication, and Rule 1.3, Diligence. In addition, one Unauthorized Practice of Law complaint is being investigated.


The Committee works closely with the Fee Dispute Resolution Committee and the Professionalism, Lawyer Life and Culture Committee, and referrals are made as appropriate. Any lawyer with a question about the process or a particular issue should feel free to contact the Chair or any member of the Committee.



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