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Jennifer L. Turner


Jennifer Turner



Jennifer L. Turner of Hedrick, Gardner, Kincheloe & Garofalo selflessly volunteers her time and expertise at the 26th Judicial District SelfServe Center.  The SelfServe Center was created to assist individuals who wish to represent themselves in family law matters, or seek information about family law or landlord/tenant issues.  The SelfServe Center relies heavily on volunteer attorneys who can either meet with several clients during a three-hour period or supervise law students as they hold evening clinics, Jennifer volunteers in both capacities. 


MCB VLP:  Current employer / number of years with current employer?

J.T.:  Hedrick, Gardner, Kincheloe & Garofal / 3+ years


MCB VLP:  Area of Practice / Expertise?

J.T.:  Workers' Compensation, Civil Litigation


MCB VLP:  Law School / Law School Graduation Year? 

J.T.:  Emory, 2006


MCB VLP:  What is a typical case like? 

J.T.:  Primarily I handle cases involving divorces and custody questions.  Often the pro se litigant is virtually clueless, yet very concerned about how to protect his/her interests, children and legal rights.


MCB VLP:  How many of these type of pro bono cases do you typically handle at one time? 

J.T.:  During an Attorney-for-a-Day session, I will usually see 3 or 4 litigants.  These are not cases that I become actively involved in; rather, I will counsel the litigant about any questions he or she has about the process of instituting or participating in divorce or custody proceedings.


MCB VLP:  How do you prepare for handling such cases? 

J.T.:  The Self Serve Center provides all volunteer attorneys information on Family Law.  I typically review this information before each session, as well as the mock interviews provided by the Self Serve Center.


MCB VLP:  Did you participate in any particular training so that you could handle these cases?

J.T.:  There is a 3.0 hour CLE that goes over all of the pertinent Divorce and Custody issues typically encountered.  I took this CLE prior to beginning my volunteer work at the Self Serve Center.


MCB VLP:  What is your hope for the future with regard to these issues? 

J.T.:  I hope that more people in the Mecklenburg County community can be helped by the free services which our Bar has to offer underprivileged members of our community.


MCB VLP:  How can the Mecklenburg County legal community help with similar cases?

J.T.:  Volunteering at the Self Serve Center or any of the evening clinics at the Charlotte School of Law  would make a huge difference in the lives of the pro se litigants.  My practice area does not lend itself to getting involved in family law issues, but I find my time with the Self Serve Center and the evening clinics to be very rewarding and challenging. 


MCB VLP:  What is the best advice you've received during your legal career? 

J.T.:  Always be prepared to take responsibility and be held accountable for your actions.


MCB VLP:  What advice would you give others? 

J.T.:  Stay focused on the tasks that each day has to bring, rather than getting consumed by all of the things on your weekly, monthly, or career to do list.


MCB VLP:  What is the most challenging part of your career?

J.T.:  The law in my practice area does not change frequently.  Therefore I must constantly analyze the facts of each case in creative ways to provide my clients with different defenses.




If you are interested in becoming involved with the SelfServe Center or would like to have the CLE Jennifer mentioned shown at your firm or office, please contact Heather Blackley at 704/375-8624 or             



Tuesday August 4, 2015

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