Law Firm/Legal Department Subcommittee


The members of Law Firm/Legal Department Subcommittee act as the Advisory Group to the  Charlotte-Mecklenburg County General Counsel and Managing Partners Diversity Initiative. The program promotes diversity within local law firms and legal departments.







2012-13 Co-Chair

2012-13 Co-Chair

Felicia A. Washington

William P. Farthing, Jr.





 George V. Hanna III

Robert E.  Harrington

DeWitt F. McCarley

Valecia M. McDowel


Staff Liaison

Ruth Tankersly, Program Assistant -

Maya Engle, Assistant Executive Director -




2010 Law Firm Benchmarking Report

2010 Diversity Initiative Report

Call to Action

2009 Law Firm Benchmarking Report

2009 Diversity Initiative Report

Volunteer Need / Commitment

Members of the Diversity & Inclusion Committee attend bi-monthly committee meetings, write newsletter articles, implement programming in accordance with the Call to Action plan, evaluate diversity initiative effectiveness and discuss ways to better serve MCB.  Interested in joining this committee or one of its subcommittees?Complete the committee interest form.

Annual Programs / Events


Charlotte-Mecklenburg General Counsel and Managing Partners' Diversity Initiative 

Apex Mentoring Program

Apex Mentoring Program is a formal mentoring curriculum designed to advance minority mid-level associates within signatory organizations. The program matches eligible signatory associates with tenured in-house counsel. Mentor and mentee matches will meet on a monthly basis and attend networking or development programs on a quarterly basis. The Action Plan of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Managing Partners and General Counsel Diversity Initiative will serve as the foundation for the program.

Oversight of the pilot program was the responsibility of the Apex Mentoring Program Taskforce established in December 2009. This taskforce will structure an operating subcommittee to be adopted and housed under the Mecklenburg County Special Committee on Diversity.  Program oversight will fall to the responsibility of the subcommittee co-chairs and their selected members once established.

Program Purpose & Objectives:

The goal of Apex Mentoring Program is to encourage and support the ascension of minority attorneys to senior positions within Charlotte-Mecklenburgs law departments and law firms. By providing opportunities that help minority associates gain exposure, access to, and experience with corporate clients and interactions, we believe this will develop their leadership and professional identity. We offer networking/business development experiences to establish client relationships that bring value to associates' individual practice. Associates build on their skill set of working with a corporate client and multiple constituencies through this formalized mentoring process. Exposure to in-house counsel enhances associates' understanding of business concepts, client relations, client satisfaction and their ability to manage client matters. As mentor and mentee work through their goals, we foster an environment that enriches communication across differences in the legal community through the services of professional facilitators and senior level attorney volunteers.